The best bikes and bike gear 2018

We round up the best fitness bands, running gear, apps and home gym equipment for everything from commuting to sportives

Nothing beats buzzing around town on two wheels during the summer months. 

Evening pub pints with pals are made even more appealing without the worry of sweaty public transport or the ferocious cost of cabs, while the daily commute can provide some much-needed post-winter fat removal when tackled on two wheels.

This year's crop of urban-friendly commuters, hip 'n' cool fixies and traffic-beating speed machines is probably the best ever, fusing neat design and reliable running gear with wallet-friendly price tags.

We've collated the best of this year's offerings, covering ultra-reliable crossovers, trendy single speed bikes and affordable racers for traffic smashing pace. 

Interested in a single-speed but confused by talk of 'flop hubs'? Most of the single-speeds here can be converted between free-wheeling when you don't pedal, and a 'proper' fixie mode, whereby if you don't pedal, the bike immediately stops: practice somewhere safe when you switch modes, is our strong advice.

The best bikes

Whatever your budget and preference, we've put together guides to the ultimate in contemporary biking. If you're serious about cycling always spend as much as you can. Just looking to dip a toe in the waters? We've got some brilliant sub-£500 bikes as well.

Electric bikes

If you prefer to get around with less sweat, especially if you live in a hilly area, or want to take on muddy hill trails, you might very well want to consider an e-bike. They increasingly resemble normal bicycles in terms of looks and cost and the battery power can be a godsend.

You will have to slightly relearn how to ride if you're a long-time cyclist, especially if pure speed is your main buzz. These accelerate rapidly to about 15mph but it can be a struggle to push them up to 25mph because of legal limits set and on how much motorised assistance they can add, and the sheer weight of the beasts.

Once you've got the hang of it, however, you may never go back.

The best electric bike: great ebikes from £640 to £4000  

Best sports sunglasses

If you're looking for the best sports sunglasses you've come to the right place. We've put our eyes on the line testing the very best shades money can buy. Whether you're running, cycling, golfing, or fishing this list is for you.

Check out the best sports sunglasses

Best cycling clothing and bike wear

With cycling now as much a lifestyle as a pastime, there's more and more brilliant cycling kit that's also suitable for the coffee shop, craft beer emporium or open-plan office in the creative industries. Whatever your preference, be it technical or fashionable, we've got the best bike clothing and other cycle gear right here. We make no judgements, either way. It's all good.

The best cycling clothing

The best cycling watch and fitness tracker

They're often marketed or described as running watches, but most such devices can apply the same GPS and heart-rate tracking skills to the world of cycling, Garmin's devices are particularly good as they can also pair with a wide range of bike-based sensors such as power meters. Increasingly, fitness bands offer similar, if more limited functionality.

The best fitness apps

There are thousands of app solutions to your fitness problems, and sorting through them can be a bit of a nightmare. Whether you're looking to lose weight, get a ripped six-pack, or simply stay healthy, this list rounds up the best on the market into one place.

The best winter running and cycling gear

Thanks to the clever innovators kicking out brilliant new fabrics that keep you warm, dry and brilliantly visible, you can keep up your training and commuting without a care for the weather. Read: The best winter running and cycling gear

Best bike lights and hi-viz gear

If you plan on cycling after dark these could save your life, or that of a pedestrian or other road user. There's really no excuse for not having the best front and rear bike lights you can buy.