The best basketball hoop 2020: the best b-ball hoops for indoor and outdoor practice

Whether you’re a jump shot player or a granny shot player, we’ve got the best basketball hoops for garage gamers to pros

The best basketball hoops 2018

It’s only when you want to start taking your basketball seriously that you need to really think about the ins and outs of your basketball hoop. For now, it’s all about making sure you have the right sized board for your play area and whether you want it hanging, standing or portable enough for you to take it places.

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If you’re jumping through hoops to become a respectable basketball player, you can’t really beat the Silverback In-Ground Basketball System. Providing you’ve got the ground to match the proportion of the board, it’s as close to pro as you’ll get. 

However, those looking to turn their driveway into a basketball court should probably look at something smaller, like the Lifetime Basketball Backboard And Rim System. It’s still large enough to give you a feel of the game, but its proportions make up for the fact that your shooting distance won’t be all that long.

Best basketball hoop: Silverback In-Ground Basketball System

1. Silverback In-Ground Basketball System

There’s no monkeying around with the Silverback. This pro hoop is straight to business

Type: In-Ground
Backboard: 54”
Adjustable height: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Tempered glass backboard strong and flexible

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The best basketball hoop backboards will be made from tempered glass as it offers the right balance of strength and flex. Aside from that, if you’re looking to get as close to the real game as possible, you should be looking at a board ranging from 48 inches to 72 inches, which puts this Silverback comfortably in the middle.

Thanks to the anchor bolt mounting system, the hoop sits securely in the ground but it can be easily removed if you happen to move house. 

(Image credit: Hy-Pro)

2. Hy-Pro 3-in-1 Sports Game Centre

Bring the fun fair home with this one

Type: Portable
Size (in cm): H204.5 x W205.7 x D111.8
Adjustable height: No
Reasons to buy
+3-in-1 system ensures hours of fun+Freestanding+Multiplayer fun
Reasons to avoid
-Rather bulky

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The Hy-Pro 3-in-1 Sports Game Centre is not just basketball hoops for two, once folded up, it can also be used for darts and goal practice. Having trouble keeping the kids entertained while stuck at home? This Sports Game Centre is your best option. And it's also fun to use.

The Hy-Pro 3-in-1 Sports Game Centre is suitable for 2 players, with an electronic scorer, score sound effects and it also includes 4 basketballs! Talking about value for money. Granted, you will need some floor space to house this bulky system but should you have some space in the garage or in the garden, there is no reason why shouldn't you buy this bargain system.

Lifetime Basketball Backboard And Rim System

3. Lifetime Basketball Backboard And Rim System

The ideal basketball hoop for garage walls

Type: Wall mounted
Backboard: 18.1”
Adjustable height: No
Reasons to buy
+All weather rim for practice rain or shine

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There’s no excuse not to practise when it comes to this basketball hoop. Its small size makes it ideal for perfecting your shooting technique, even in the smallest of spaces, whether it’s a courtyard garden or that bit of space in front of your car. Although it’s made from steel instead of tempered glass, its structure makes it suitable for keeping outside all year round. 

best basketball hoops: SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System

(Image credit: SKLZ)

4. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System

If you’re keen to practise, even when it’s raining outside, invest in an indoor hoop

Type: Free standing
Backboard: 33" x 23" clear polycarbonate, shatter-proof
Adjustable height: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable height makes it suitable for all ages+For both indoor and outdoor use

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The SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System is a complete mini-basketball system and includes a height-adjustable backboard/rim, a pole and a mobile base too. The height adjusts up to 7' for court-side play and down to 3' for junior or poolside play – the best option if you are looking for a versatile basketball hoop system for both indoor and outdoor use.

The backboard is made of clear polycarbonate and it's also shatter-proof with spring action break-away 14.5'' rim. The weighted mobile base fills with sand and features built-in wheels for easy portability. This set even includes a 7'' mini basketball, all-weather net and assembly/adjustment instructions!

Lifetime 90022 Youth Basketball System

5. Lifetime Youth Basketball System

If you’re buying for your kids, you don’t need to spend silly amounts

Type: Portable
Backboard: 32”
Adjustable height: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable in 6” increments

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If you want them to make the most of any sunny weather, purchase them this portable basketball hoop. It features a fairly sizeable 32-inch backboard that can withstand everything the British weather can throw at it. It’s fully portable, just fill the base with sand or water, and you can adjust the height of the basketball hoop as they grow. With a 5 year limited warranty, you know that this one is going to last. 

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Board

6. Spalding NBA Slam Jam Board

Prefer to have a small hoop in your bedroom? No problem

Type: Hanging
Backboard: 18”
Adjustable height: No
Reasons to buy
+Great bedroom entertainment

Not everyone is going to have the space for a 24 inch basketball hoop to hang from the wall, so we can go a step smaller with this one from Spalding. With a size of just 18”, it makes for a creative bit of decor that can team up as the ideal means for target practise, whether you’re lazing around in bed or procrastinating over revision.