Your house parties will never be the same with Twinkly's new backdrop LED wall

The Twinkly Lightwall is foldable, portable and comes with a staggering 1,120 RGB LED lights

Twinkly Lightwall
(Image credit: Twinkly)

Twinkly is a smart home lighting brand that's been the topic of a lot of conversations lately. Despite launching its Candies line last August and Christmas collection in early November, Twinkly also made headlines at CES 2024 with its Matrix light curtain

Today, the brand has announced the global release of its latest product, Lightwall. The brand new backdrop LED wall is foldable, portable and comes complete with a staggering 1,120 RGB LED lights that can be completely customised using over 16+ million colours. Specifically crafted for live performers, musicians, content creators, and live streamers who seek to captivate their audience with breathtaking visuals, Twinkly's Lightwall allows performers to create mesmerising lighting patterns, reactive displays, and real-time synchronisations using the Twinkly app. 

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Twinkly Lightwall

(Image credit: Twinkly )

Compatible with all Twinkly products, Lightwall is controlled entirely through its LED Controller and Music Dongle, as well as Twinkly’s critically acclaimed Mapping technology featured on the Twinkly app. The wall can also be personalised to every performer's unique taste, with the Twinkly Music dongle decoding any sound source in real time, ensuring seamless synchronisation between the visuals and the music. The Twinkly app also offers 20 included presets or can be adjusted, mixed, and personalised to any genre.

Everything needed is included in the box, including an aluminum frame, water weights for added stability, a controller and the Twinkly Music dongle, all packed in a travel-ready trolley. The Lightwall’s IP 44 certification also guarantees resistance to water and spills. 

Entering the Pro Audio Market is something Twinkly has always strived to achieve, and what better way to make our mark than with a product that encompasses everything our brand stands for: innovation, customisation, and portability,” says Andrea Tellatin Co-Founder and CEO at Twinkly. 

Lightwall is our way of putting ourselves on the map. Not only does it provide a truly unique experience for an audience, but the portability and easy set up will allow performers the opportunity to bring a fully customised setup wherever they are. It’s our hope that it becomes a staple within the music industry.” 

The Twinkly Lightwall was originally launched in October 2023 on the US market and is now available in Europe at the retail price of £1,199. 

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