Your first-gen Pixel Watch gets a great free upgrade to improve workouts

Users of the original Android watch are going to have a much better experience when working out

Google Pixel Watch
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Users of the original Google Pixel Watch just got a neat free upgrade.

That comes in the form of a useful new watch face, which will be perfect for those who workout a lot.

While Google may have moved on to a newer model, the original Google Pixel Watch is still used by many. That was the first Pixel-branded smartwatch from the technology giant, and marked a notable step in their development as a brand.

Similar to why many adore the brands' Android phone lineup, the Pixel Watch represented the only device on the market which could boast both hardware and software crafted by Google. That was a big deal, ensuring users could expect a more cohesive experience.

For those who didn't hop over to the new Google Pixel Watch 2 when that was released, there's a nifty new upgrade on offer. As part of the March Feature Drop, users of the original model will get the new Fitbit Workout UI.

That was introduced with the second gen Pixel Watch, and offers a pretty significant design change. While the watch face was available before, many considered it to be a little clunky and harder to read. Now, users will be able to enjoy the redesigned face, which lets you swipe through the key information on the fly.

That's great for workout lovers. Where the old design might leave you squinting at the dial in search of the information you need, this should be much more user-friendly. Having the ability to swipe through pages should give users the information they need at a glance, allowing them to stay focused on the important thing – their workout.

That's not all, either. The same feature upgrade also brings an Auto Workout Mode. That allows users to simply start a range of workouts, with the watch detecting the activity and starting or stopping the tracking as appropriate.

Those workouts include: running, walking, elliptical, spinning, outdoor bike, treadmill, and rowing, as well as Pace and Heart Zone Training. 

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