Xbox Series X first review arrives: Watch the hands-on now

Journalist publishes hands-on Xbox Series X and Series S review video

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have both been unveiled now, since the tech giant was forced to reveal its hand one week earlier than planned after an Xbox Series S leak.

There are still questions about the consoles which are being answered as more specs get confirmed, like the size and weight, and how the two stack up to one another, but some of those have been answered thanks to a hands-on video that gives us our look at the hardware.

The Verge's Tom Warren received dummy units of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and got up close and personal with them during a livestream, answering fans' questions, giving his opinions on the units, and telling them what to expect.

The most notable difference is of course the size, with Warren saying he was "shocked at how small" the Xbox Series S is; standing vertically, the console measures 27.5cm tall, 15.1cm deep, and 6.3cm wide, but the orientation of the logo denotes that it's designed to be placed horizontally. Of course, you can opt for either, with the console featuring rubber feet on two of its sides to accommodate both. 

The Xbox Series X is just as big as we thought, coming in at 30.1cm tall, 15.1cm deep, and 15.1cm wide. As with the Series S, the logo subtly suggests it be displayed vertically, as does the stand which appears to be affixed to the bottom – at least on the dummy unit – but it can be placed either way. 

Warren comments that it "looks a little bit awkward" horizontally, but happily, it looks like it'll be "too big for the vast majority of TV stands" so you'll need to find a spot unconstrained by shelving units to house it, and you can erect the monolith to your liking in it. Thanks to the "whisper quiet" fans, its only the sheer size that will draw people's attention, and not the sound of a small airport that we're used to with consoles like the PS4.        

Getting a glimpse of the rear of the consoles was also a popular request. Over on the back, both sport two USB ports, an HDMI 2.1 out, an ethernet port, and a slot for a storage expansion card – like this Seagate SSD – and there's another USB port on the front. Warren notes the ports feature braille bumps for improved accessibility.  

And that's about it when it comes to the outer hardware. The Xbox Series X will be priced at $499/ £449 / AU$749, and the Xbox Series S at $299/ £249 / AU$499. Both will be up for pre-order on September 22, with the launch following on November 10. 

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