Today’s Wordle answer: Wordle 275 is an example of how the English language is a pig

Wordle 275 explained, with clues and solution

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Wordle answer 275 proved to be an easy one, but it does make you realise that the English language is idiosyncratic and unfair. But even despite that, this was a simple Wordle solution. And hoorah for that! After a week of doing enjoyable but sometimes time-consuming battle with the fiendish Wordle word-choosing AI, it was a considerable relief to get an easy one for Monday morning. Say what you like about the New York Times, but the Wordle proprietors are savvy enough to know that nobody needs more hassle than they’ve already got on a manic Monday.

We got this one in 3 guesses and well under 1 minute. I’d go so far to say that as long as you can spell, today’s Wordle solution is easy peasy lemon squeezey, as opposed to difficult difficult lemon difficult.

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Hints and clues for Wordle 275


Wordle 275: it’s not rocket science 

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Always remember the rule: I before E except after C, except for certain words where the rule doesn’t apply. Simple. Today‘s Wordle winner is also one of the world’s most commonplace homophones. That word often autocorrects to homophobes, which is more sinister.

Wordle #275 answer

Wordle answer 275 solution

Allow it, fam

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There’s your answer. No wait; that’s not right. THEIR’s your answer! Like we said, I before E except after C, except in the word THEIR, and certain other words. It‘s such an easy rule to follow. Isn’t the English language swell? 

Now, with Wordle out of the way, Monday is officially your fun day. Your you-don’t-have-to-run day. Have a great week now. 

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