Today’s Wordle answer: Wordle 273 is another tester – despite bad guesswork we got it in 5

Wordle 273 could cause problems – but not if you 'remember' to read this first

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Today’s Wordle answer, number 273, is probably the easiest of the week, but it took us a whopping FIVE guesses to nail it, including one attempt – ALAMO – which was totally stupid. Then again, we did drastically oversleep, and awoke feeling all discombobulated, so go easy on us. Discombobulated is a good word, isn’t it? 

Good morning to our American readers, good afternoon to our British readers and, uh, good night to our Southern Hemisphere chums, by the way. Wordle is a truly international community of 5-letter word enthusiasts. Wherever you hail from, be aware that Wordle answer 273 contains some duplicate letters, and we know a lot of Wordlers – that’s the official name for folks who play Wordle – often find that troubling. 

Want more Wordling – that's the present participle of Wordle, as used as a verb? Here’s our guide to Wordle 271, and yesterday’s Wordle 272 – that was easy, so long as you know about the French language, or cooking. We also have our extended guide to the history and best practice of Wordle. But now, back to our Wordle 273 solution!

Hints for Wordle 273

Wordle 273 today's answer is…

Wordle 273 is a ‘standard’ word 

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Today’s is not a French word like yesterday, it’s a common English word. You don’t need to ask our permission to get this right, but if you need extra help, we can reveal [spoilers] that it contains the same letter twice, and two vowels. And also that it’s definitely not Alamo. 

Wordle #273 answer

Wordle 273: today’s Wordle answer

Allow it, fam

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Why the hell did we guess ALAMO? We may never know. Perhaps it’s just because we ‘remember’ the Alamo: good joke for Western movie historians there. Having totally squandered a guess by doing that, we hastily moved on and got the answer – ALLOW – in two more stabs.

The word allow means to grant permission. Its more interesting use is in contemporary British slang, where people will say ‘allow it’ to mean ‘don’t worry about it’ or ‘okay, fine’. However, confusingly, the same people also use it as slang for ‘nah mate, not doing that’. How do these people ever get things done, when one slang term can mean two completely contradictory things?!  

ALLOY – a metal formed by combining two or more other metals – would have been a more interesting answer but there we are. If the answer had been ALLOY instead, we would have ended on this song, as it details how copper has uses both on its own and as part of an alloy, plated or anodised. Too bad. 

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