Today’s Wordle answer: Wordle 276 is the best Wordle word ever

Wordle 276 answer explained, with clues and solution

Today’s Wordle answer 276
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Today’s Wordle answer – #276 – is a doozy. Recent Wordle answers have been a fun mix of (a little bit) challenging and easy. Wordle 276, by contrast, feels like it could upset a few people… but we love it. Today’s Wordle answer is an unusual and fun word. It’s probably going to cause some Wordle players to lose their rags on Twitter – but that‘s fun too. 

If you can’t figure out today’s Wordle solution, we are pretty sure that you’re not alone. We got it in four guesses, but then we’ve got that kind of mind. By the admittedly genteel standards of Wordle, today’s answer was a faintly outrageous word. 

Hints and clues for Wordle 276

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Wordle 275: it’s not rocket science 

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This is a rather liquid-y word, that could relate to boozing. In fact, being boozed up might even help you get this Wordle right. It‘s an onomatopoeia and everyone loves those. Right?

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Wordle #276 answer

Today’s Wordle answer

We were so happy with this result, we’ve placed the winning screen at a jaunty, slightly drunken angle  

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SLOSH! Bet you never saw that one coming. Slosh is the noise that liquid makes as it, uh, sloshes around. In British slang, it just so happens the term ‘sloshed’ is yet another way for British people to say ‘drunk’. Firstly because you might start by ‘sloshing’ your drink around in its glass, and then down your gullet. But alsho – no, hear me out, hear me out – becaush when you have jusht a FEW too many lil’ drinkies, you shometimesh start to shlur your wordsh. And slosh happens to sound like a slurred word, even when you‘re not actually slurring. 

Monty Python celebrated this in their ‘Philosophers Song’, which imagined the great minds of philosophy as if they were hopeless drunks. This included Ludwig Wittgenstein, who was described as ‘a beery swine‘ and habitually, ‘Just as sloshed as [Karl Wilhelm Friedrich] Shleigel.’

Our 15 or so regular readers will note that we eschewed our usual approach today – starting with  ALIEN, followed by SHOUT – and endeavoured to play this stupid game properly for once. By guess 3 we thought. ‘Well there are several possible options here but do you know what? God damn it, we’re going with SLOSH.’ And fortune favoured the brave, for SLOSH it duly turned out to be. Life just doesn’t get much better than this. 

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