Will base model iPhone users get short-changed with the iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 Pro range is rumoured to feature a whole host of new tech which won't make it to the standard model

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The iPhone 15 range is expected to launch later on this year, but already we've heard about dozens of leaked spec changes and features. And while none of those leaks have had any official confirmation, they have often come via fairly reputable channels with good track records.

If what we've heard all proves to be true, I have some concerns. And it's mainly about the gulf that will exist between the base models and the Pro variants.

When you think about what's been rumoured – the A17 Bionic 3nm processor, record-breaking bezels, a titanium frame, a high-speed USB-C port, capacitive buttons and the action button, to name a few – they all relate to the iPhone 15 Pro. What does the base model get?

Well, we're fairly confident that the A16 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 14 Pro will make it's way down the pecking order, along with a less speedy USB-C port. That's hardly an update you'll rush to write home about.

It also means that the gap between models could be wider than ever. Maybe that's a good thing. Users who just want an iPhone because it's familiar and consistent can take the base model without needing to worry, while innovation lovers can look to the Pro variants for the latest and greatest tech.

I just can't shake the feeling that it devalues the base model, though. In previous generations, the choice between models was quite easy to make. You got a core spec sheet, and, if you wanted to pay a little more for a specific size or a few extra add-ons, you could. But the bulk of what was on offer remained the same across the range.

Now – again, if all rumours prove to be true – the Pro model feels like the entry door for what the iPhone 15 range should be. The base models? Well, they're starting to feel like upper mid-range handsets, built to a price point and sacrificing to make it work.

Despite the slightly grouchy tone here, I'm still optimistic about the new line-up. I'm hopeful there will be more updates to the base model than we've heard about, and that the gulf between model ranges can be narrowed slightly. With a launch expected around September, there's still a good while to wait for confirmation.

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