Which Amazon Echo deals are really worth buying this Prime Day?

Lots of Echo devices are discounted, but here's our guide to which are actually good deals and which aren't

Amazon Echo Deals Prime Day 2021
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For years, Amazon Echo deals have been a staple of Prime Day discounts – you usually get the biggest deals on them during this event. But that doesn't mean that every Echo offer is actually as good value as it looks – sometimes they've been better discounted before, or the big deal is on an older Echo, when you want the latest and greatest model.

So we've taken a look at the full list of the offers on Echo devices in today's Prime Day deals, and we'll tell you which are the really good deals, and why. Be sure to check out our full list of the best Prime Day deals of all kinds, too, for more big bargains.

There are other Echo deals available other than these, and some of them might well tempt you – will have a widget with the lowest prices for lots of Echo products at the bottom – but these are the deals that really stand out to us as being better than what we've seen on other occasions.

The best Amazon Echo Prime Day deals

Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) | RRP: £49.99 | Now £24.99 | Save: £25 (50%) at Amazon UK
This is the cheapest price the newest version of the Echo Dot has ever been, so this is definitely worth buying. This new design is bulkier than the old version (being a sphere instead of a puck), but offers much improved sound quality as a result, as our Echo Dot (3rd Gen) review notes. Speaking of the old version, that's been reduced to £20, but we've seen it that cheap (and even slightly cheaper) before, so we'd recommend paying the little extra for the new one – we'd want the 'replaced' model to down to £15 at the highest at this stage to be a killer deal, really.View Deal

Amazon Echo (4th gen) | RRP: £89.99 Now: £54.99 | Save: £35 (39%) at Amazon UK
The full-size Echo is also its cheapest-ever price, so it's another one that's unquestionably a good buy. It's made it down to £60 before, so you're just getting that little bit extra here. Our Echo (4th Gen) review talks about its improved sound thanks to bunch of new speakers, as well as how it now includes a smart home hub built-in, which is handy.View Deal

Amazon Echo Show 5 + Ring Video Doorbell Wired | RRP: £107 | Now: £49.99 | Save: £57.01 (53%) at Amazon UK
Now this is a fantastic deal, as long as you can wire in a smart doorbell and don't need a battery-powered one (though a mains adapter is available). You get a great camera doorbell, plus a smart display so you can see who's at the door before you open it. This is the older generation of the Echo Show 5, but that's just fine, because the new version (just released) barely changed anything. Meanwhile, here's our Ring Video Doorbell Wired review. Amazon is actually underselling the saving here, because a couple of weeks ago, the value of this in total would have been £130!View Deal

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) | RRP: £119 | Now: £84.99 | Save: £35 (29%) at Amazon UK
"Only 29% off? How can that be a good deal?" you might be thinking. You see, this product was released a matter of days ago. It is brand new, so almost 30% off is a pretty big deal! Doubly so when you consider that we just gave it a full five stars in our Echo Show 8 (2021) review. It has a really clever 13MP camera with wide-angle lens that frames you perfectly even if you move around the room, using clever zooming and cropping – ideal for video calls.View Deal

Amazon Echo Flex | RRP: £24.99 | Now £9.99 | Save: £15 (60%) at Amazon UK
We've got another record breaker, folks! This is – you guessed it – the cheapest this has ever been. The Flex is Amazon's way of giving you voice control in areas where you don't have an Echo, and aren't worried about speaker quality – so you could have it in a hallway upstairs so you can control the lights, or just inside the front door, or anywhere it would be useful for Alexa to hear you. It plugs straight into the wall, and is held there just by the plug – no side table required.View Deal

Echo Show 5 + Blink Mini Camera | RRP: £114.98 | Now: £55.99 | Save: 58.99 (51%) at Amazon UK
Another great-value bundle with the original Echo Show 5. Amazon is also selling the Echo Show alone for £40, so this gets you a great smart camera for just £15 on top – and you can see what's on the camera on the Echo Show's display, of course. Great for home security, or just keeping an eye on the baby's room. Here's our full Blink Mini review.View Deal

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