Watch out: your PS5 warranty might be about to expire

If you’re in the US and managed to bag a day-one PS5, you may want to get any faults fixed like right now

PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Future)

Hard as it is to believe given the continued shortage of PS5 stock, Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 console is nearly a year old. It went on sale in the United States on November 11, and that means that US buyers will be on the hook for any repairs that they have in just a week’s time.

This imminent anniversary was first highlighted on Reddit by a user called blakepro, who decided to stop waiting for Sony to fix the rest mode bug via a firmware update, and get the console repaired under warranty before time ran out.  

It may sound odd that people would be just living with faulty PlayStation 5s, but with the shortages, it’s understandable that owners might anticipate a long delay due to a lack of parts. 

If that’s the case and the PS5 is still usable, it’s understandable that they’d just live with problems that can be worked around. I personally lived with a phone with a faulty earpiece for about eight months, as I so rarely made phone calls that it hardly seemed worth bothering Samsung about.

But the advice here is clear and sensible: get faults fixed now, or if they develop into something worse you’ll be on your own. The rest mode bug mentioned by blakepro isn’t the only one at large, with others reporting broken adaptive triggers on the DualSense controllers, or disc drives that won’t pop out games on demand.

The same looming deadline also applies to Xbox Series X buyers, with Microsoft’s console released in the US a day earlier on November 10.

If you’re reading this in Europe, you have a much longer window in which to act. Not only was the PS5 released a week later than for those across the Atlantic, but the European warranty is double the length at a more generous two years.