Wahoo KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill can automatically 'sense' changes in pace

The treadmill's 'revolutionary' new sensing system allows you to change pace without touching the controls

Wahoo KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill
(Image credit: Wahoo Fitness)

Wahoo has been building its training ecosystem for a while, which now includes exercise bikes, triathlon watches and heart rate monitors. With the introduction of the KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill, the brand is ready to enter the premium treadmill sector.

The Wahoo KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill isn't just a treadmill, no. This capable running machine features a 'revolutionary' new sensing system called RunFree Mode, which allows you to "change pace without touching the controls."

With RunFree Mode, a high-speed motor "reacts in milliseconds" to your position on the running surface, allowing natural and confident pace changes - without any interaction with the console.

The company didn't do away with the console, of course (not yet, anyway). The Wahoo KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill has ‘nudgeable’ control paddles that are said to help you change settings without breaking your stride.

What you don't get is a screen, although the KICKR RUN does have an integrated laptop/ tablet shelf to put your own device on. And you will need the shelf to have your smart device close by, as the treadmill allows for automatic speed and grade control from third-party applications, such as ZWIFT and Wahoo SYSTM.

The KICKR RUN also has an innovative lateral tilting capability that provides a dynamic running experience to simulate the road. With tilting functionality, you can also automatically level their KICKR RUN.

We haven't got any information on specs or price yet, but Wahoo claims the treadmill will be able to produce speeds up to 4:00/mile. Furthermore, it's fully integrated with the Wahoo ecosystem of heart rate monitors and smartwatches.

The KICKR RUN will launch in the USA in the summer of 2024, with a global rollout from 2025. It will be exclusively unveiled ahead of this at the Boston Run Show (27-28 January 2024), with live demos running throughout the weekend. For more info, visit Wahoo today.

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