Vertagear and Swarovski partner to release epic diamond-encrusted gaming chair

When gaming chairs go high-end

Vertagear diamonds
(Image credit: Vertagear)

Leading gamer chair brand, Vertagear, has today announced the release of its partnership with the jewelry brand, Crystals from Swarovski. In doing so, it’s taken the award-winning gaming chair features of its PL4500 gaming chair and added the craftsmanship of Crystals from Swarovski, with the final result being a PL4500 chair that comes decorated with glittering diamond-shaped patterns sewn into the chair.

While the best gaming chairs usually come down to personal taste such as material, design and features, there’s no denying that this link-up between the two brands is something to behold — and it certainly feels like a chair we'll be looking to add our list of favorites.

Vertagear diamonds

(Image credit: Vertagear)

Design-wise, the inclusion of diamond-shaped embroideries on the Vertagear chair adds a glitz that never feels overbearing, as the patterns seamlessly blend into the overall surface of the PL4500. That is to say: if you're imagining something garish, then you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that Vertagear's chair steers clear of looking tacky. 

The diamond-studded gamer chair is available to pre-order from July 13 on the official Vertagear webpage, and it will retail at $599.99, along with a meaty ten-year warranty. For this price, the gaming chair uses a sturdy steel frame to provide stability, with a lightweight construction that offers lasting durability.

Diamonds are forever

Gamers with sore backs will be happy with the memory foam neck and lumbar support that come as standard with the PL4500. Extra padding and removable cushioning should provide all the comfort you need for gaming marathons, as well.

The PL4500's posture-perfect ergonomics should provide the same levels of performance satisfaction as we here at T3 get from gazing at the chair's embroidered diamonds. Cut using advanced optical measurements, Crystal from Swarovski come with "complex surfaces," which lets them shimmer light in multiple directions with high levels of clarity and color.

With so many names in the gaming sector promising the best in ergonomic comfort, it can be difficult to separate your Vertagear from your Nobelchairs, amongst many others. If you do decide to splash out on the Vertagear and Swarovski collab, then make sure to check out the best gaming monitors and best gaming headsets to round the upgrade off. After all, it's no good having a lavish gaming chair but a rusty old monitor and unreliable headset when you're sitting on a nest of diamonds.

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