Verizon offering free iPhone 14 Pro with qualified trade ins

Nab the new iPhone 14 Pro free at Verizon

iPhone 14 Pro in all four colours
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While iPhone 14 pre-order deals are a plenty right now, Verizon is offering one of the best pre-order offers for the iPhone 14 Pro. Qualifying trade-ins with sign up for an Unlimited Plan can get upwards of $1,000 towards the new iPhone 14 Pro, as well as $200 when you switch from another carrier.

Starting at $999.99 for the basic 128GB model, the iPhone 14 Pro clocks in at a premium price for Apple's latest smartphone. For good reason, however, as the Pro model features an upgrade 120Hz ProMotion Super Retina XDR OLED screen, the new A16 Bionic chip for improved performance, and more.

Get up to $1,200 towards the iPhone 14 Pro at Verizon

On top of offering up to $1,200 in credits towards the iPHone 14 Pro, Verizon also has a couple other offers that may be worth your while.

Add an an Apple iPad to the order and you can pay as little as $7/month for it. Not in need of an iPad? Throw on a smartwatch and you could save up to $120 on it. Both offers feature good savings on Apple's partner tech, but in my opinion don't offer much of an incentive to preorder solely with them.

The real value is the $1,000 trade-in credits, which covers the cost of the basic 128GB mode. If you're hoping to get the 1TB model, you'll still get plenty knocked off the price but expect a little bit to come out of pocket, as even with the full $1,000 trade-in credits, unless you also nab the $200 credits for switching carriers, the 1TB model will cost you a bit more.

All-in-all, though, Verizon's iPhone 14 deals are some of the best you'll find and save you the most money. If you want to save even more, however, there's plenty of iPhone 13 deals happening right now. Some of the best you'll find below.

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