Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 now looks an instabuy after Pixel Watch price leak

Samsung's new smartwatch suddenly looks even more appealing

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
(Image credit: Samsung)

Anyone currently considering buying one of the best smartwatches on the market will no doubt be aware of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Google Pixel Watch, which are about compete against each other in the wearables market.

However, a new leak seems to have just tilted the scales in favor of the Galaxy Watch 5 and away from the Pixel Watch, with the latter's price breaking cover and, on paper, comparing unfavorably.

The Pixel Watch price leak comes courtesy of 9to5Google, which states that the cellular model of the Google wearable will be $399.99 and the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi model will retail at $349.99. And, well, that's notably more expensive than its main rival.

That's because Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 retails in its 40mm variant for $279 and in its 44mm sizing at $309, meaning that if this Pixel Watch pricing leak is accurate then there is a $40-70 price difference between the smartwatches.

The Pixel Watch is set to be officially unveiled at Google's next event on 6 October, 2022.

The T3 take: More money for less smarts

If this pricing leak is accurate then, if you have your heart set on a new smartwatch and don't want to buy an Apple Watch, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 now looks like an instabuy.

This is not just because of the price difference on the Pixel Watch either, but also because the new Google wearable looks set to be powered by a chip that dates from 2018. If both these leaks are accurate, that means if you buy Pixel Watch you'll be spending more money to get less modern hardware than offered on Galaxy Watch 5.

There's also been word that the Pixel Watch will offer a smaller battery than the Galaxy Watch 5, too.

What this says to me is that Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is, right now, looking like the smart buy in the non-Apple Watch smartwatch market, not the Pixel Watch. I mean, the Pixel Watch is going to have to offer some incredible features and an excellent overall usage experience to justify its higher price, and especially so if its core hardware is 4 years old.

Of course, the proof will be in the real world testing, and T3 will naturally be going hands-on with Pixel Watch as soon as it is made available. Naturally, a comparison with the Galaxy Watch 5 now feels nailed on, as we need to identify which product is the better buy for consumers.

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