Verizon Black Friday deals 2021: what to expect plus offers live now

Verizon Black Friday deals are almost here. Here's what to expect plus top offers available right now

verizon black friday deals
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Verizon Black Friday deals are expected to be some of the best available this year, with the latest iPhone sure to get a great discount alongside plenty of other offers this holiday season. Offering wireless internet, phone plans and TV service, Verizon will be sure to have deals on plenty of their products and we'll be covering the best of them right here.

As Black Friday sales continue to roll out over the next month, now is the time to start shopping. Verizon's Black Friday sale has yet to officially start but that doesn't mean there aren't savings to be had right now. In fact, some of the best Black Friday deals this year aren't even part of a Black Friday sale!

Verizon | Shop all deals available now

Verizon | Shop all deals available now
Now through November, take advantage of early Black Friday deals and offers at Verizon. With trade-in deals on the latest Goggle Pixel 6 as well as offers on the new iPhone, Verizon will be the destination for seasonal smartphone shopping.

So just what will Verizon be offering this year during their Black Friday sale? Based on last year's offerings and the current selection of deals available from Verizon, we've got a pretty solid guess as to what to expect. Keep reading to find out what to expect this year during Verizon's Black Friday sale as well as take a look at some of Verizon's current deal offerings available right now.

Verizon Black Friday deals best today

Ahead of Verizon's Black Friday sale, you can take advantage of some pretty impressive offers on 5G smartphones, iPhones and more. There's already some excellent early Black Friday deals happening at Verizon, and you'll find the best of them right here. Check back often as we make our way towards the official Verizon Black Friday sale for more deals.

Verizon Black Friday Deal FAQs

When will Verizon Black Friday deals start?

While Black Friday will be on November 26 this year, expect Verizon's Black Friday deals to show up a bit earlier than that.

Last year, Verizon kicked off their official Black Friday savings event a full week early with discounts on top iPhone and Android smartphones. This year we can expect the same especially with the latest iPhone 13 release.

Will there be any Black Friday iPhone 13 deals at Verizon?

It's a very real possibility that this year you'll see the iPhone 13 get a small price cut during Black Friday. At Verizon specifically, you can already take advantage of some really good trade-in deals including up to $700 towards a brand new iPhone 13.

So if you play your card right, you could actually end up with a free iPhone 13 during Verizon's Black Friday deals thanks to some excellent trade-in offers.

How to shop Verizon Black Friday deals smart this year

While everyone loves waiting for Black Friday to show up, it's important to go into the holiday shopping season with a plan. There's a lot that goes on sale during the holiday months, and for some it can be both a blessing and a curse.

For gift shoppers, chances are you'll find everything on your list on sale during Black Friday but it's important to keep in mind shipping times this year. As with last years pandemic, it's easy to forget just how impactful these types of social situations are to shipping and receiving. Be sure to have your shopping list ready to go and grab products as early as you can. There's just no telling how slow shipping through UPS, USPS and other companies may be what with reduced staffing and other factors.

When it comes to buying for yourself, however, be ready for some competition! Items go on sale throughout the holiday season, some of which actually hit their Black Friday pricing well before the holiday, so if it's possible to grab that one thingy you've been waiting for early don't pass up the chance. There may be shortages on popular items, and as previously mentioned, possible shipping delays.

If you want to be smart this year when shopping for the best Black Friday deals, shopping on Black Friday may not be the best option. Keep an eye out on offers in the weeks leading up to the holiday shopping event. It's extremely likely this year that many retailers will kick off their sales early in an effort to ensure prompt holiday shipping times. Also, if an item is on sale the week or two prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it most likely will not go much cheaper come the actual sale day.

What to look out for with Black Friday deals this year

Black Friday sales are like no other and many stores will be stacking discounts and deals on top of each other to bring shoppers the biggest savings. While general Black Friday sales will be happening throughout the course of November, deal hunters will find flash sales and limited time offers popping regularly throughout the day.

Following all those deals and flash sales is going to get confusing and difficult, so you'll want to make sure you've got your Black Friday shopping plan ready to go. Here are some tips to making sure you get the most out of your Black Friday deal shopping experience:

Set up shopping alerts and notifications at your favorite online stores

Many retailers offer email notifications and desktop alerts for their biggest sales when you sign up on their website. This is an excellent tool for those who don't want to waste time checking back regularly and ensures you see the best Black Friday sales and deals happen when they happen.

Following a store or brands Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds is also an excellent way to get a first look at upcoming Black Friday sales. You'll see updates and deals dropping quickly as we get closer to Black Friday sales, so having notifications setup will make sure you can jump on them before they're gone!

Compare prices and shop for the best deal available

While Black Friday deals tend to bring the best prices of the year, it doesn't hurt to make sure you're getting the best deal available on Black Friday. Be sure to shop around for the best deal available on the product you're looking for. Google apps and extensions like CamelCamelCamel can actively compare and provide previous sale prices on specific items, making sure you're paying the absolute best price on Black Friday.

It also helps to keep an eye on coupon sites like Retailmenot. These sites are great at providing coupons and other flash sale info, and can help ensure you save the most money during your Black Friday shopping spree. Whatever your method is, don't always take the first deal you come across. If someone has an amazing deal on that new pair of headphones you've been after, chances are there's someone else with an even better one going on during Black Friday sales.

Make sure you understand each stores return and refund policies

Black Friday sales are by far the best time to save big, but they can also come with fine print that many tend to skim over. Refunds and returns are special cases during Black Friday sales (especially this year with Coronavirus), so take the time to get yourself acquainted with return policies.

While it's always great to get that video game 50% off or that new TV during a smoking hot sale, it's an even bigger bummer to receive or buy the wrong item and be unable to return it. Take your time, make sure what you're buying is returnable or refundable and make sure everyone is happy during your Black Friday deal shopping.

Only shop with verified stores and use secure payment methods

With this year's Black Friday sales going to be primarily online, ensuring you use a safe and verified method of payment is going to be crucial. This is a great time for scammers and the like to prey on unknowing shoppers, so do everything you can to make sure your credit card info is safe and secure.

The good news is that all major stores will have a verified payment methods with secure processing for credit, debit and gift cards. What you'll want to keep an eye on is links and other outside articles that may redirect you to "mock" sales pages designed to collect your payment info.

Rest assured, all links provided by T3 are verified and will direct you to each retailers landing page but there are sites out there that may have other plans. Shop safely and never provide your credit card info to any site that seems sketchy. Trust your gut!

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