Under Armour’s unveiled a new range of water-resistant Storm wear

Let’s face it. This is Britain. Waterproof wear is a must…

Just got soaked? The team at Under Armour have no idea what that even feels like…

Under Armour has just launched a spiffing new range of waterproof gear designed for training in the shower…sorry, training under showers.

The rain-friendly kit goes by the apt name of Storm, and will make a perfect addition to any British athlete's winter wardrobe.

The clothes feature a dynamic water repellent finish that should mean the fabric won't get clogged up and heavy with water – it'll just roll right off.

Under Armour even reckons its new gear will dry up to five times quicker than your standard cotton fare.

Welsh Rugby Union don and Under Armour evangelist Jamie Roberts says the Storm range has 'no limitations'. Tough talk.

“The protection and lightweight feel allows you to give everything without having to focus your energy on battling the elements,” says Roberts, talking up UA Storm.

The new range includes hoodies, jackets, trousers, and leggings – each as water-repelling as the last.

UA's been particularly keen to show off its Fleece Storm Big Logo Hoodie, which it says offers 'the highest level of comfort and breathability'

The hoodie is pricing up at £45, and is available to buy right now alongside the rest of UA's new Storm line-up.