Ultion’s new smart lock gets Matter support upgrade for better home security

Ultion upgrades its best smart lock with added support for Matter

Ultion Nuki Plus
(Image credit: Ultion)

British security company Ultion has just announced the newest version of its Ultion Nuki Plus smart lock, and this update really matters (see what I did there?!). Improving on its smart security technology, Ultion has added support for Matter to its best smart lock for tighter home security and better connectivity.

Ultion has always been a prominent name in the security industry, but it’s become even more popular over the past few years with its collaborations with Austrian smart lock company, Nuki. Last year, the two brands joined forces to create the Ultion Nuki Plus, a 5-star smart lock that’s now getting the Matter treatment.

When the Ultion Nuki Plus launched, the device came with built-in Wi-Fi, making it one of the most connected smart locks on the market. Now, the smart lock is becoming even more advanced and connected with Matter support. Matter, the unified smart home standard, is designed to make smart home tech easier to use and connect to one another, regardless of the type of device, model or brand.

With added support for Matter, the Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition is now easier to control and integrate into a full smart home ecosystem. The Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition can be operated in many different ways, including app, fingerprint, key fob, key code and voice commands, and Matter has made these entry and exit points simpler and more seamless to use.

In addition to Matter support, the Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition features a new 3-star Euro Cylinder lock with LockDown Mode, making it even more secure than ever before. When forced entry is detected, the new locking mechanism will be triggered to shut down and protect the home from burglars breaking into your house or trying to break off the door handle.

Ultion Nuki Plus

(Image credit: Ultion Nuki)

With security and safety at the forefront of its design, Ultion aims to make its users’ digital world more reliable and secure. It’s done this with its combination of a low-power mesh technology and AES encryption backed up by banking standard cryptography, to keep your network stable and protect your smart lock from potential hackers.

Aside from its new locking system and Matter support, the Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition has the same features as its predecessor. It comes with a range of accessories, including its fingerprint keypad, Bluetooth key fob and the Ultion KeyTag with Apple Find My technology.

For remote access, the Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition has Wi-Fi built-in and its accompanying app means you can check in on your property from anywhere. Using the app, you can also grant guests access to your home while you’re away with their own digital keys. The app will also notify you when your door is open or closed, and you can revoke access to your home at any time.

The Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition costs £379 and is available to pre-order today at Ultion.

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