Under Armour launches HOVR Phantom 3 running shoes 'designed for athletes training to compete'

The Phantom 3 is said to maintain the franchise’s reputation as UA’s most versatile running shoe

Under Armour launches HOVR PHANTOM 3 'train to compete' running shoes
(Image credit: Under Armour)

If you think about it, there is no need to launch a new iteration of every running shoe franchise in the universe every year. Most companies would be better off waiting a bit longer so they can apply meaningful updates to their shoes – and this is exactly what Under Armour did with the new HOVR Phantom 3.

The UA HOVR Phantom 3 is the latest evolution of the Phantom franchise since the Phantom 2 launched most recently in July 2020. The designers at UA identified ways to maintain what people loved about the Phantom 2 while 'using innovation and thoughtful decision-making to make improvements to the shoe', Under Armour says.

A neutral, responsive running shoe designed for speciality athletes training to compete, the UA HOVR Phantom 3 is the best running shoe for those who would do anything (UA's wording, not mine) to improve in the offseason so they may perform at their best in season. 

Under Armour claims that the Phantom 3 was 'thoughtfully and skillfully' crafted to possess the qualities that 'enable snappy sprints and intervals or shorter distance runs' with the stability and comfort to transition back to the weight room and plyos. The UA HOVR Phantom 3 has an 8 mm drop (heel: 25 mm, forefoot: 17 mm) for reference.

Under Armour launches HOVR PHANTOM 3 'train to compete' running shoes

The women's version features yellow, orange and light green highlights

(Image credit: Under Armour)

The shoes offer move HOVR, more breathability and improved fit compared to their predecessor. The implementation of the latest evolution of HOVR midsole technology now runs the entire length of the midsole in the Phantom 3, providing a 'plush feeling underfoot' without compromising on propulsion.

The soft, high-performance and highly textured UA Intelliknit upper improves breathability through its 'unbelievable stretch and targeted flex', Under Armour adds. There is also a new heel counter combined with 'pillowy but firm' panels that deliver sturdy, foot-hugging support. Finally, moulded detailing in the midfoot and lower contour around the ankle not only improves fit but offers stability and ease of entry benefits.

The UA HOVR Phantom 3 launches on 7 September 2022 in North America for a recommended retail price of $140 and will be available in multiple colourways at Under Armour.

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