Track your dog’s fitness with this Fitbit for your pet

Discover just how many steps your pooch is doing - you might be surprised

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The idea of an activity monitor for humans is pretty old news now, but if you’ve ever wondered just how your pet pooch matches up, then a pet activity monitor could be just what you need. 

Of course, it’s more than just about curiosity - pet activity trackers are a great way to monitor your pet’s health, especially if you’re not the only one in charge of walkies.

With the PawFit 2 pet tracker, you can monitor your pet’s movements in the form of steps, distance covered, calories burned, active and rest hours and best of all, it can all be personalised for your pet’s age, breed and weight.

Perhaps your pooch has put on a few pounds during lockdown (who hasn’t), using a tracker like this can help you establish exactly how much activity they’re doing and adjust their diet accordingly. If you leave your furry friend alone, you can also see how much activity they’re getting up to while you’re out of the house. 

The PawFit 2 is easy to attach to your dog’s collar, but crucially, it’s harder to detach thanks to a secure lock. It’s well-suited to all kinds of activities, and is also designed to withstand all weather conditions, too. 

Not only is the PawFit excellent for monitoring activity, though. It’s also great for putting your mind at rest - there’s a temperature alert, a removal alert and a “virtual fence” which means that if your pet wanders outside of a customisable “safety zone”, you’ll also be alerted. 

(Image credit: PawFit)

You can record a voice message for the device which can be played by strangers if they should happen across your escaped pooch, too. Not that you should need it, as you’ll always be able to locate your pet quickly with real-tip GPS plus light and sound tracking - great for those with a flight-risk tendency.

Pawfit has a battery which can last up to 7 days of regular use (it’s impacted by GPS and cellular signal strength). An app (Pawfit Walk) which is compatible with iOS or Android can be downloaded which gives you a range of functions including the ability to start and stop a walk at specific time, note down where and when they stop to drink and eat, take photos and videos during a walk to keep a complete record of their walks and the ability to share your walks with friends and other Pawfit users. 

You can pick up the Pawfit 2 directly from the Pawfit website, complete with an 18 month warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee. It’s also available to buy on Amazon.

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