Top 3 Xbox Game Pass games to play in March 2022 – and 1 to avoid

We run down the three best Xbox Game Pass games right now as well as reveal one to skip

Xbox Game Pass title Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass is pretty incredible when you think about it: over 100 games available for a very low monthly fee across PC, Xbox, or both. Besides Apple Arcade and PlayStation Now there isn't much else like it.

New games are added to Xbox Game Pass with stunning regularity, too, including some of the biggest AAA titles available. Right now, for example, you can play Rainbow Six Siege, Madden, Halo, Forza, Minecraft... The list goes on and on.

While you might think that the PlayStation 5 is the best console, the fact that Microsoft offers all these games for a monthly fee and the Xbox Series X hardware is equal to the PS5 should give you some pause.

For March 2022 Microsoft has lined up a pretty great selection of games so we thought we'd run through three must-plays and one to avoid.


Guardians running on Xbox Game Pass

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The first game on our list is an obvious choice: Guardians of the Galaxy made waves when Square Enix released the game in October last year and for good reason.

Based on the iconic series, you assume the role of Peter Quill / Star-Lord and carry out various quests across the galaxy with your trust companions. Each character has their own skills and abilities and players can choose different dialogue options throughout.

Guardians has received good reviews and was the second most popular game in the UK after Fifa 22. And if you have Xbox Game Pass, you can try it right now.

Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns running on Xbox Game Pass

(Image credit: Xbox)

If you've played any of the Final Fantasy games then you're in for a treat. 

Lightning, the star of the series, is thrown into a brand new world with tonnes of new experiences, characters, enemies, weapons, and more. The problem? The world is ending in 13 days.

Despite being released a few years ago, Lightning Returns feels fresh and new, especially for first-time players.

The inclusion on Xbox Game Pass means that hopefully the incoming generation of gamers can experience what makes Final Fantasy such an enduring series of games. 

Far Changing Tides

Far Changing Tides running on Xbox Game Pass

(Image credit: Xbox)

Atmospheric doesn't even begin to describe Far Changing Tides, an emotional vehicle-based adventure game that follows a boy on his quest to find a new home.

Released only a few days ago, Far's inclusion on Xbox Game Pass is easily one of the biggest wins for the platform.

The ships are beautifully designed and fun to drive, the gameplay is sufficiently challenging, and the world itself is detailed and inviting. We absolutely loved this one.

And one to avoid... Lawn Mowing Simulator

Lawn Mowing Simulator

(Image credit: Xbox)

Okay, maybe avoid is a little harsh, but Lawn Mowing Simulator definitely isn't the most fun game that you can play on Xbox right now. 

We have nothing against simulator games but we think, given the power of the Xbox Series X, there are better games to stretch the legs of the console. 

Plus, there are so many others to choose from we're not sure why you'd want to virtually mow lawns. After all, it's now coming back into gardening season so you'll likely be mowing your real lawn before too long anyway.

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