This ultra-bright mini-LED TV is the display of my dreams

TCL's next flagship looks fantastic

TCL X955
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The best OLED TVs are a thing of beauty, but it might be time to question where you LED loyalties lie after seeing this new display from TCL. 

Unveiled at IFA 2023, the 98-inch (there will also be an 85-inch variant) TCL X955 is a Mini-LED powered display that has me picking up my jaw from the floor. Not just from the sheer size of it but also the brightness. Coming in at 5000 nits, that's more than twice the magnificent LG G3 OLED. Best bring sun cream. 

Of course, while it doesn't match Mini-LED for sheer brightness, OLED displays are immensely popular for their rich blacks and contrast. The X955 has this covered however with over 5000 (5184 to be precise) "Local Dimming Zones" to help the blackest blacks and brightest colours really pop.

With a 144Hz refresh rate and TCL's Game Master 2.0 software, alongside AMD's FreeSync Premium Pro, this could even prove to be one of the best gaming TVs if you're all about cranking the frame rate. 

TCL X955

(Image credit: TCL)

So what's the catch? Well, it depends on where you live. If you're stateside then I'm sorry but the X955 is probably going to be a Europe-only model. We also don't have any word on release date or price yet but let's be honest, a TV of this size and this spec isn't going to come cheap. The nearest indicator of price is the 115-inch China-only X11G which uses the same technology and is available to pre-order for the low price of 79,999 Yuan - around $11,000 dollars. It will be interesting to see if Mini-LED one day becomes the display type of choice for other leading manufacturers. 

The X955 wasn't the only standout premium product revealed at IFA 2023, with Lenovo unveiling a supercool gaming laptop.

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