This super rare Casio G-Shock comes with its own skate park

Perform tricks from the comfort of your own home

Casio G-Shock GA-B2100SBC Subcrew collab
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has collaborated with Hong Kong skate brand Subcrew for a 40th anniversary G-Shock watch that not only comes with trademark shock-proofing and custom styling, but its own skate park.

Those who purchase the special edition G-Shock GBA-B2100SBC gets presentation box plus a finger skateboard and mini halfpipe to perform tricks on.

Fingerboards are very popular at the minute – basically replacing the fidget spinner trend in schools and offices – so this collab is well timed. However, those who fancy taking to the pipe while wearing the new watch might be disappointed to learn that not only is the G-Shock seemingly confined to the Chinese market, it's only available in very small numbers.

G-Central claims that only 40 of the limited edition B2100SBC were made. And it now seems to have sold out.

Originally priced at HK$3,986 apiece (around £400), the Hachioji Pioneer Joint Gift Box "SUBCREW" edition watches were available through Elite TimepieceHK.

But, while you might have missed out on the special edition models, there are plenty of other styles in the B2100 family you can still buy – including the "Caution Yellow" version that looks very much like the sort of thing one of the Wu-Tang Clan might wear.

The series features a beefier spec list than many of its stablemates. There is Bluetooth connectivity for starters, which works with Casio's dedicated app and helps control accuracy as you swap between time zones.

There's also Tough Solar charging technology on board, with sunlight being captured through the face and extending battery life indefinitely.

The watch also comes with plenty of the G-Shock brand's usual features, including 200-metres water resistance and shock proofing, while mineral glass protects the face from scratches.

The usual price for a B2100 watch is around £129, although there are metal-finished models that can go up to around £500.

G-Shock has been released a swathe of new watch models to celebrate its 40th anniversary last year, including a stunning MR-G that came covered in rubies. Hopefully it'll continue the trend of amazing collaborations and special editions through 2024.

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