New G-Shock Caution Yellow range will certainly make you stand out from the crowd

And it was all yellow...

Casio G-Shock Caution Yellow
(Image credit: Casio)

When Casio creates a new G-Shock collection it rarely does things by half, and its new Caution Yellow collection is testament to the brand's bold approach to street design.

Based on the "Caution" tape used on building sites and perilous locations, the collection comprises special edition versions of the GA-B2100, GA-700, GA-100 and GW-B5600 styles. That should ensure there's something for everyone – as long as you like to stand out.

The G-Shock GA-B2100CY sports one of the line's most iconic designs, with a hybrid analogue and digital face, plus Bluetooth connectivity.

That means it can be hooked up to a smartphone to ensure it keeps spot-on timing no matter where in the world you are. In addition, you can use the watch to find your phone at the touch of a button.

Tough Solar technology is on board too, to extend the battery life indefinitely in decent light. Otherwise, the rechargeable battery will last around 18 months in near darkness (with power saving switched on).

And, like all other watches in the new range, it is water resistant to 200-metres, with trademark G-Shock shockproofing, to boot. It will cost £129 when available next month.

The GA-700CY is similar accented by electric yellow elements and is, naturally, based on the G-Shock 700 series.

That means it too has a dual analogue-digital display, but with a more circular, resin bezel.

There's no Bluetooth connectivity on this or the GA-100CY also in the collection, but it does include a five-year battery, and the ability to show the world time for major cities around the globe.

Speaking of the G-Shock GA-100CY, it is part of one of the brand's most recent designs, with an overlarge case and beefy, 35mm face. The series looks as robust and chunky as the shock resistance suggests.

And finally, there is the digital-only GW-B5600CY, which is based on the classic digital Casio watches of yesteryear.

It has a reverse LCD display (white on black) and some great bright yellow flourishes. The watch is also, arguably, the coolest in the collection due to its retro styling.

All of the Caution Yellow collection watches will be available from this December.

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