This smart pillow uses AI to detect, monitor and reduce snoring

The Motion Pillow is the perfect gadget for snorers and loud sleepers

A man sleeping on the Motion Pillow
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Nowadays, everything is getting the ‘smart’ treatment, including your bed! While you might be confused as to how to make bedding like the best pillows smart, 10minds have found a way with its innovative Motion Pillow which uses AI technology to detect, monitor and reduce your snoring.

Showcased at CES 2024 which took place in Las Vegas last week, the Motion Pillow by 10minds captured the interest of many attendees at the event, so much so that it was named as an honouree the Best of Innovation Award. While the pillow might look simple on the outside, it’s the inside and its accompanying gadget and app which makes this pillow so interesting.

The Motion Pillow is an inflatable pillow that’s made up of memory foam and subtle curves to better support the head and neck while you sleep. It comes with the Motion Solution Box which is a separate device that sits on your bedside table. Using AI technology, the Solution Box intelligently detects the sounds of snoring and communicates with the pillow to change your sleep position.

How it works is there are multiple airbags inside the pillow which inflate underneath your head to gently move you over or encourage you to adopt a different sleep position. This movement is extremely gentle and slow, so you’re not jolted away by your pillow jumping up and down. The action of the Motion Pillow inflating is designed to help you move into a better sleep position that’ll open your airways and stop you from snoring.

The Motion Pillow and Solution Box work together cohesively for detecting noise and for measuring other important sleep and health features, similar to how the best sleep trackers perform. The pillow uses a vital ring that accurately measures oxygen saturation levels and this data, along with analysis of your snoring and sleep patterns can be viewed in the Motion Pillow app.

Motion Pillow Solution Box and smartphone app

(Image credit: Motion Pillow)

 The app tracks and records your snoring patterns and provides analytics like how long you slept and snored from during the night. It gives you insight into how often the pillow intervened to prevent you from snoring and it can even play your snoring back to you. As the app learns your patterns, it offers quicker and more accurate responses to show you how your snoring is improving overtime.

For the ultimate comfort and usability, the Motion Pillow can be adjusted to your personal preferences before you go to sleep. During inflation to change your posture, the Motion Pillow makes sure to not strain the neck or leave you feeling uncomfortable. It also features circadian rhythm lighting and a charging system within the pillow.

While I don’t snore, I’m definitely intrigued by the concept of the Motion Pillow, although I’m curious to see just how sensitive it is to noise. For example, If you’re lying on the pillow while chatting to your partner, will the Solution Box pick up this noise and start up the airbags? Who knows, but the Motion Pillow looks like it could be the solution to your snoring problems.

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