This PS5 Pro feature is great news for existing PlayStation 5 owners too

The PlayStation 5 Pro will reportedly boost your existing games to next-gen levels

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Experts have delved into the leaked specs for the PS5 Pro and have revealed that not only will they benefit future games, but existing PS5 titles could also be improved.

This should come as great news for those with large libraries of games.

After the enormous specs and release date leak earlier this week, we're now finding out more and more about the much-rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro – and it all sounds great.

It even sounds amazing if you own a PS5 already and have accrued a large library of games. One of the leaked features will allow you to enjoy them even more than before.

That's because the upscaling technology revealed in the leak – PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) – isn't just designed to elevate the details and image performance of new games, it will reportedly enhance older titles too.

According to the gaming tech experts at Digital Foundry (via Eurogamer), the PS5 Pro will be capable of boosting games running at 1080p to look like they are running in "convincing-looking" 4K. And all without impacting frame rates.

This is very similar to Nvidia's DLSS system that is available on its PC graphics cards and through the Geforce Now cloud gaming platform. It's also rumoured to be coming to the Nintendo Switch 2.

Can PS5 Pro finally bring 8K gaming to the table?

There is speculation that this technology could be applied to 8K upscaling too. When Sony announced the original PlayStation 5, it claimed that it was capable of outputting 8K video – it was even printed on the box. That's never really transpired, however (and, let's face it, very few of us have 8K TVs anyway), but it does seem the PS5 Pro will be more capable of meeting that promise.

Perhaps more interesting for most is that Digital Foundry claims that PSSR could enable 4K 120Hz gaming – something that's largely been out of reach this console generation.

On top of all of this, the PS5 Pro is almost certain to be more capable with ray tracing. Its capabilities will be two to four times faster, it is said, and therefore developers will be able to implement the greatly improved lighting effects afforded by the tech in future (or even existing) games.

Again, this was something promised at the start of this generation but it turns out that ray tracing on current hardware comes at a significant cost – usually to frame rates.

All of the specifications and details talked about allegedly came from a bone fide developer site and posted by Sony itself. They have since been corroborated by numerous trusted sources, as well as the "holiday season 2024" release window.

It really is likely to happen, therefore. So yes, we can all get excited now.

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