These 3 Sony PS5 Pro features would make me buy the console immediately

The PS5 Pro isn't official yet, but I already want one. Here are the PlayStation 5 Pro features I'd want to see

A Ps5 controller in front of a screen
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Unbelievably, the Sony PlayStation 5 is almost three years old already. While many are finally getting their hands on one after stocking issues others are already convinced that Sony is already working on a mid-generation refresh or PS5 Pro

We don’t know exactly what it will be capable of yet, of course, but as someone who spends probably an unhealthy amount of time using his PS5, here’s what I’d like to see from the supposedly incoming new console...

1. No Compromise on Performance

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

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The PS5 is a very impressive piece of kit and the best games look great – but often you have to make a choice between the absolute best graphics and a consistent frame rate. Frame drops are a massive immersion breaker for me so I always go for performance mode. 

One of my favourite PS5 games, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, looks like a Pixar movie – but players have to make an important choice between Performance, Fidelity or an in-between Performance RT mode. 

There are similar dilemmas in other titles, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and I don’t think that in 2023 we should have to choose between a stable 60fps and the best possible graphics.  Somewhere high-end PC gamers are laughing at PS5 owners. 

On the PS5 Pro, ray tracing and high-resolution output shouldn’t hamper the overall performance of titles, or else what’s the point of playing while using one of the best gaming monitors?

2. Reduced size and weight 

q-view ps5 docking station stand

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It’s safe to say that the PS5 is a big boy. While there has been plenty of talk of a model with a removable disc drive, I want the PS5 Pro to do what the PS2 slim did (remember that?). Moving the console to a different room or location can be backbreaking work and it takes up my entire backpack when out and about (yes, I'm that guy). 

When plugged in you can at least store the PS5 horizontally or vertically, but you will still need a significant amount of space and it’s noticeably bigger than the Xbox Series X. I’ve also noticed my PS5 can get very hot, which is a concern, so an improved cooling system would be appreciated [T3's Tech Editor, Mike Lowe, agrees: his PS5 can sometimes overheat and cause crackling and popping of his soundbar, requiring a full off and cooldown period to reset it].

3. Accessories and extra storage 

Sony DualSense Edge controller for PS5

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Sony is reportedly working on a handheld streaming device to be used with the PS5. While it may seem slightly unnecessary to some, should it be included with the revamped Pro console then that would be a definite plus. Throw in a DualSense Edge controller and the PS5 Pro could be positioned for those who want the ultimate in console gaming. 

Under the hood, if the new console came with a sizeable SSD (here's how to fit one in your current PS5, if you need), that would also be a big bonus. The 825GB capacity of the PS5 sounds impressive but in reality is actually 667GB and it’s so easy to fill with the size of games these days. The recently released Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is a whopping 148GB for a start. No one wants to be juggling installs to switch between their favourite games.

Andy Sansom
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