PS5 Pro gets closer as huge leak reveals release date and specs

Sony's PS5 Pro plans out in the open as expert corroborates recent rumours

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A stack of specifications and potential PS5 Pro release date have been revealed in a leaked document allegedly written by Sony itself.

It will reportedly be available this holiday season, with 45% faster graphics performance in comparison with the existing PS5.

Sony will release its mid-generation console refresh in time for this holiday season, it is claimed. And, a trusted online expert suggests that it will be a significant upgrade.

The PS5 Pro has been in the news regularly, with many believing it to be a "when" rather than "if".  However, the latest round of leaks are more specific than most – and they have been backed by some industry heavyweights.

A document acquired by YouTube channel Moore's Law is Dead, has revealed a number of key specifications for the much-anticipated new console. It suggests that the Pro model will sport a massive improvement in graphical performance – up to 45% greater rendering speeds than the existing PlayStation 5.

That's because it is said to run with 67 TFLOPs of 16-bit floating point calculations (33.5 TFLOPs in actual terms), a big increase over the current PS5. In addition, ray tracing support might finally, actually mean something, as it is claimed that there could be up to four times the capabilities.

The console will also reportedly add PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscaling technology (PSSR), which is something we alluded to recently.

Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, who is a trusted source for such things, not only corroborates the details, he has confirmed that they came from documents posted on a PlayStation developer portal by Sony itself.

He adds that the new machine could finally support 8K, which was a largely unfounded promise ahead of the launch of the original PS5. And it will indeed include AI acceleration on its GPU.

There will be a "custom machine learning architecture", too.

It is Henderson who also suggests that the PS5 Pro will be released in time for Christmas, with Sony targeting this year's holiday season for its launch, albeit "tentatively".

This makes a lot of sense especially considering the recent price drops of the latest PS5 Slim model and reports that sales are slowing down – the market is finally ready for a new, upgraded version to reinvigorate interest ahead of an all-new console generation.

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