This Nintendo Switch + Super Mario Maker 2 deal is almost too good to be true

Get the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Maker 2, and £30 credit to spend on another game in the eStore

Nintendo Switch Deal
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo today launched one of the most hotly-anticipated games for its Switch console – Super Mario Maker 2. The game is a sandbox that lets you build your own Super Mario platforming levels from scratch and share them online with a community of fans, or play them on your own – or with friends – locally or online.

If you don't already own a Nintendo Switch console and want to start creating and sharing your own Super Mario levels as soon as possible, there is a stunning deal.

You can now get a Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Maker 2 and a free £30 eShop credit for only £299.99 at GAME. This is a blockbuster deal, especially considering the DIY platforming game was just released today. And the £30 eStore credit means you'll be able to load-up your console with a multitude of brilliant indie titles, or another best-selling Nintendo game, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for example.

Nintendo Switch + £30 eStore Credit + Super Mario Maker 2 | GAME | £324.98 £299.99
Get the brilliant Nintendo Switch console, enough credit to buy a few indie titles – or a blockbuster first-party game from Nintendo in the eStore and the latest, feverishly-anticipated game for the system, Super Mario Maker 2.View Deal

Meanwhile, if you're not completely sold on Super Mario Maker 2 and would just prefer to get your hands on the home-cum-portable console, Amazon UK is offering a Switch with a £30 eShop voucher for £279.99.

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