This mini LED skincare device looks like a super-sized pimple patch

Omnilux launches mini LED devices to target specific skin concerns

A woman using the Omnilux Mini Skin Corrector on her cheek
(Image credit: Omnilux)

LED light therapy brand, Omnilux has just launched a new collection of LED skincare devices in a super small miniature size. The three mini devices in the Omnilux Mini range are petite, powerful and infused with hydrating ingredients to tackle wrinkles, dark circles, acne, and other skin concerns.

The best LED face masks have taken over the beauty world, and while they might look a little creepy when in use, they work to improve different skin problems, leaving skin looking and feeling fresher, brighter and healthier. Omnilux has become a big name from its use of LED light therapy in skincare, with its popular face mask earning five stars in our Omnilux Clear review.

To expand its line-up and offer smaller products targeted to specific areas of the face, Omnilux recently launched the Omnilux Mini collection. Comprised of three FDA-cleared LED devices, the new range is flexible, portable and affordable, giving more people a chance to try LED-powered skincare.

As you’d expect from the product name, all three Omnilux Mini devices are surprisingly small and can fit in the palm of your hand. Each device is hands-free, as they attach to the skin with the use of hydrocolloid patches, which are infused with ingredients to address each skincare problem and optimise the device’s treatment.

In the Omnilux Mini collection is the Omnilux Eye Brightener, the Omnilux Blemish Eraser and the Omnilux Skin Corrector. Designed for use under the eyes, the Omnilux Eye Brightener uses 633nm red light and 830nm infrared light therapies to brighten dark circles, boost collagen production, smooth wrinkles and reduce under-eye bags.

With the hydrocolloid patch, the Omnilux Eye Brightener adheres to the skin, so you can let it do its magic while relaxing or doing other activities like cooking, reading and walking around the house. The Omnilux Eye Brightener uses specific patches that are infused with amino acid-rich peptides and niacinamides for maximum hydration and to de-puff, brighten and firm up the under eye area.

A woman using the Omnilux Mini Eye Brightener under her eyes

(Image credit: Omnilux)

Designed for those who experience acne and redness, the Omnilux Blemish Eraser fights spots and blemishes, while calming inflammation and clearing congested skin. It uses 415nm blue light and 633nm red light technology which works best to target and eliminate breakouts. The Omnilux Blemish Eraser doesn’t look too dissimilar to an oversized pimple patch, and its accompanying patches are infused with salicylic acid and green tea to spot-treat acne and breakouts.

Similar in style to the Blemish Eraser, the Omnilux Skin Corrector uses a combination of 633nm red light and 830nm near infrared light within its circular patch to improve the appearance of fine lines. To reduce signs of ageing, the Omnilux Skin Corrector uses vitamin C and azelaic acid-infused patches to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and redness, even skin texture and target age spots and wrinkles.

If you’re just entering the LED skincare market, you’ll find that they’re not the cheapest devices to invest in. A miniature option – which is not only small in size but smaller in price – gives more people who are interested in trying beauty tech a chance to ease into the market without having to pay a fortune.

All three Omnilux Mini devices cost £96.80 / $95 and come with 14 single-use patches. They can be bought together or separately, depending on what skincare concern you want to address.

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