Omnilux Clear review: this acne-fighting LED mask lights the way to a clearer complexion

The Omnilux Clear might be pricey, but our blemish-prone tester says it’s worth every penny

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Omnilux Clear review
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The Omnilux Clear is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven LED mask that emits blue and red light therapy to treat mild to moderate acne. Non-invasive and 100% natural, it effectively kills bacteria that causes acne, clears breakouts faster, and reduces inflammation, redness, and acne scarring. It’s not a miracle cure for acne, but it comes pretty close.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Combines blue and red light therapy for powerful healing

  • +

    Neutralises bacteria to clear active breakouts faster

  • +

    Reduces inflammation, redness, and acne scarring

  • +

    Non-invasive and 100% natural with no downtime or side effects

  • +

    Portable, convenient, and simple to use

  • +

    Cheaper than trips to the dermatologist

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    It’s still expensive

  • -

    Larger noses might find it a little uncomfortable

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TL;DR: this LED mask effectively treats acne with blue and red light to kill bacteria, clear breakouts fast, and heal inflammation at home.

If you’ve suffered with acne in the past, or are dealing with acne right now, you’ll know just how incredibly painful it can be to deal with – not just physically, but emotionally, too. And I should know.

Back in February 2020, I was a super-confident, blemish-free 41-year-old woman whose only major skincare concerns involved slapping on a bit of SPF 50 and eye cream to fight the signs of ageing. Then lockdown hit a month later, and my stressed-out skin suddenly started spewing volcanic-like eruptions all over the lower-half of my face.

As the months went by, my acne worsened with confidence-shattering consequences. Whilst everyone else reveled in their new-found freedom once lockdown restrictions ended, I hid myself away at home, turned down invites to attend work-related events, spent hours applying a full face of make-up for Zoom calls and barely posted a selfie on social media for two years.

Lotions and potions for acne-prone skin barely touched the surface and, in the end, only two things helped me to tackle my acne on a deeper level. The first involved working with a nutritionist specialising in hormonal rebalancing. And the second involved getting my hands on the Omnilux Clear LED mask.

Indeed, the difference the latter has made to my skin over the last year has been immeasurable, helping to dramatically reduce and even prevent acne eruptions while simultaneously healing several years’ worth of angry, red scarring left behind from breakouts. And if it worked for me, it could certainly work for you. Want to know more? Read on for my honest review.


The Omnilux Clear LED Mask is available for a recommend retail price of £348 / $395 / AU$605 from Omnilux UK / Omnilux US / Omnilux Australia. It can also be bought at select retailers like Amazon.

The award-winning Omnilux Clear is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and comes with a 45-day money back guarantee.


The Omnilux Clear is an FDA-cleared LED mask that uses light emitting diodes (LED) to reduce or eliminate mild to moderate acne and lessen the appearance of redness and inflammation. 

Inside the sturdy packaging, which has multiple slots to keep everything securely in place, you’ll find the mask, a rechargeable battery controller and power supply lead (that comes with four different plug adapters so you can use the mask anywhere in the world), plus a fabric carry bag and an informative user guide.

Made from a soft, flexible silicone that can be wiped down after use for hygiene purposes, the mask has holes for the eyes and mouth and a cut out around the nose area so it can bend and adapt to fit the contours of your face. Two wide fabric straps hold the mask firmly in place with the help of Velcro so you can adjust them for comfort.

The rechargeable battery controller is small enough to fit in most pockets, making the lightweight mask highly portable to wear while carrying out daily tasks (the mask and battery weigh a combined total of 330 grams). Additionally, built-in protective eye shields remove the need to wear protective googles so you’re free to work at a computer, watch TV, or scroll through your phone while completing a 10-minute treatment.

On the inside of the mask, you’ll see 66 LED bulbs housing two LEDs per bulb for a total of 132 LEDs. These LED lights emit both blue and red LED wavelengths to treat the entire face (more on the tech later) and are safe for all skin types.

Omnilux Clear review

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According to Omnilux, the Clear mask is the most powerful medical-grade, home-use light therapy mask for acne-prone skin on the market, and it works by using a dermatologist-recommend combination of blue and red light therapy to help balance out the skin.

Harnessing the most clinically effective LEDs for optimum results, blue light wavelengths penetrate the skin’s surface to 415 nanometres to target and kill the breakout-feeding ‘P. acnes’ bacteria that lives in the sebaceous glands, while red light wavelengths penetrate the dermis more deeply at 633nm to trigger the body’s own natural healing response and increase the production of new collagen while simultaneously decreasing excess oil production.

As a result (says Ominlux), users find that active acne breakouts are eliminated, oil production is regulated, and inflammation, redness, and acne scarring begin to reduce for a visibly smoother, clearer complexion. In fact, studies have shown the Omnilux Clear can clear up to 72 per cent of acne in just four weeks.

Most importantly, perhaps, the Omnilux Clear is non-invasive and 100 per cent natural, so you won’t experience any of the harsh side effects you can get from powerful medications, prescription-strength topicals, and treatments such as chemical peels.

Omnilux Clear review

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For the best results, Omnilux advises that you complete a maximum of four 10-minute treatments per week for six weeks. Thereafter, they suggest you use the device as and when needed at the earliest signs of a new breakout. I had no problem committing to the four treatments a week. In fact, I looked forward to using the device because it seriously soothed and comforted my skin and made an immediate difference to the severity of my breakouts.

When I received my Omnilux Clear mask, I was going through an especially bad breakout of cystic acne and had one particular spot on the side of my chin that was so enormous, it warped my jawline and made me look like I had half a golf ball stuck to my face.

This spot throbbed constantly, showed no signs of reducing after three days (I swear it was still growing, if possible), and was excruciatingly painful to the slightest touch. But after wearing the mask for the first time before bed, I woke the next day to find the spot had visibly halved in size (confirmed by everyone in my household), was nowhere near as painful, and didn’t look half as red, sore, and angry. So dramatic was the decrease in the size and painfulness of my spot, I decided I’d finally found a real solution to treating my acne that was worth sticking to, and so I continued to use the mask as instructed for a further six weeks.

Unsurprisingly (to me), I enjoyed incredible results. Over time, my breakouts occurred with less frequency, were less severe when they did appear, and healed within days as opposed to weeks or months. I could also see that my acne scarring was diminishing, and that my previously bumpy, scabby skin (I couldn’t help squeezing and picking at my spots, even though I knew I shouldn’t), was becoming much smoother and more even. 

Since then, I have continued to use the Omnilux Clear mask a few times a week to continue the healing process on my leftover scarring and quickly deal with any new spots that may appear. In short, it’s my weapon of choice for breakouts over any topical spot treatment or mask, and I’d recommend it to any acne suffer without a moment’s hesitation.

Omnilux Clear review

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That said, I want to be clear that while I attained amazing results with the Ominlux Clear, I did achieve them in conjunction with making some major lifestyle and diet changes that were deemed necessary for me by an expert (these include maintaining a dairy-free and gluten-free diet for over a year, as recommended by my nutritionist specialising in hormone rebalancing, and still taking supplements to help detoxify my body’s excess levels of oestrogen).

The point I’m trying to make is that everyone’s acne is different, and it can have very different root causes, from stress and a bad diet to a not-so-great cleansing regime and hormonal changes. The Ominlux Clear mask is said to work best on people with mild to moderate acne, and while that doesn’t mean it won’t bring relief to severe acne sufferers, Omnilux does recommend those with severe acne should also seek advice from a doctor, dermatologist, or other specialist to determine the root cause of their acne and treat it from the inside out.

In short, the Omnilux Clear is not a miracle cure for acne – because it can’t help to reduce stress in your life or prevent natural hormonal changes – but it comes pretty close in my opinion. Yes, it’s pricey, but it delivers fast, professional-quality results in the privacy of your home at a fraction of the cost of regular salon or dermatologist treatments, plus it’s saved me from spending a small fortune on every acne-prone skincare line going. Most importantly, it’s helped to restore my self-confidence and self-esteem, which is no small thing.

Personally, I find using the mask very easy and convenient to use. The LED lights on the mask automatically switch off after ten minutes, so you can literally pop it on, forget about it, and lose yourself in work or a movie until you notice it’s switched off. I especially like to wear mine as part of my wind-down ritual at the end of the night because personally, I find the warmth and warm pink glow it emits to be really relaxing.

A few users have grumbled that they can experience a bit of pressure across the bridge of the nose, and my big nose and I concur, but you just need to loosen off the Velcro strap on the top half of the mask to relieve it. I certainly wouldn’t knock a point off this mask for that reason alone because, let’s be fair, while this mask is flexible, it’s still filled with 64 LED bulbs, so it’s obviously going to be firmer than a sheet mask. But trust me, I’d take wearing the Omnilux Clear mask (and enjoy amazing results) over wearing a sheet mask any day.

Omnilux Clear review

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The Omnilux Clear mask uses a combination of red and blue LED light to effectively neutralise acne-causing bacteria, dramatically reduce breakouts, and reduce redness, inflammation, oil production and acne scarring.

Fast, portable, and convenient to use at home, just one 10-minute treatment can yield immediate results, while continued use will result in a healthier, smoother, clearer-looking complexion. Similarly priced to other quality LED masks on the market, the Ominlux Clear isn’t cheap, but it’s an invaluable investment for anyone seeking relief from mild to moderate acne. Highly recommended.

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