This is how much the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to cost

Prices leak out ahead of expected August reveal

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
(Image credit: Samsung)

From its design and features, to the battery life and software, we’ve seen a lot of leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro in recent weeks. Now though, we might also finally know how much the Apple Watch rival is going to cost.

According to an unnamed but apparently trustworthy European retailer, speaking to DealnTech, the Galaxy Watch 5 will be priced from €259.98. That’s around £220, or £30 cheaper than Apple’s entry-level Watch SE, and about £150 cheaper than the Watch Series 7.

This is reportedly for the smaller 40mm version of Galaxy Watch 5, and the larger 44mm model will be priced from €286.90 (around £245).

There’s then a big jump up to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which is said to have a larger, tougher case and a bigger battery claimed to last for at least three days. According to the retailer, this model will be priced at €430.89, which is about £366, or about the same price as the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple’s upcoming Watch Series 8, due to be announced in September, will likely also cost a similar amount.

This spread of prices suggests Samsung is keen to rival both Apple’s Watch and Watch SE, while also being competitive against the upcoming Pixel Watch from Google. These prices are also broadly in line with what Samsung charged for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, which the new series will replace.

Meanwhile, the top of the smartwatch market is expected to see Apple announce a Pro model of its own, complete with a tougher design intended to take on flagship wearables from the likes of Garmin and Polar, at an even higher price point.

Samsung is expected to announce the Watch 5 family at its next Unpacked product launch event on 10 August. The watches should be joined by the fourth generation of Samsung’s Fold and Z Flip folding smartphones.

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