Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro leaked with one popular feature missing

Unannounced Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro spotted in Health app beta

Galaxy Watch
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It looks like Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 will be joined by a Pro version, according to images spotted in beta software.

The images were found in the latest beta build of Samsung's Health app, and show a pair of as-yet unannounced smartwatches, called the Watch 5 and the Watch 5 Pro. We already knew about the former, but now it looks like Samsung is preparing a high-end Pro version of its latest smartwatch too.

It was previously rumoured that the Watch 5 would lose Samsung's distinctive rotating bezel, and the images suggest this is also true for the Watch 5 Pro.

The rotating bezel has long been a signature of Samsung’s top-end smartwatches, making it easy to scroll through content, while also separating the watch’s design from its rivals. Samsung has previous removed the component from other models, replacing it with the capacitive, touch-sensitive bezel of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 2.

But it has also been a feature of the ‘Classic’ model, where Samsung gives its wearables the look and feel of a mechanical watch. The removal of the rotating bezel was first reported earlier this month, and the latest image further confirms this.

Said image of the upcoming Watch Pro 5 was spotted by The Verge in the latest beta build of Samsung’s Health app. Here, the Watch 5 and Pro 5 are listed among existing Samsung watches, each next to a small image resembling their physical appearance.

Although small, it’s possible to tell from the image that the Watch 5 Pro will share its looks with the regular Galaxy Watch 5. Little else is known about the Watch 5 Pro, but Samsung’s introduction of the Pro suffix suggests it wants to take its wearable up-market.

If following the well-trodden path of rivals like Huawei, Polar and Garmin (and of course the Edition version of the Apple Watch), the Pro could well use a premium material, like stainless steel and/or ceramic, and potentially have a larger battery.

We suspect this is all a bid to counter the Google Pixel Watch, which is due to arrive later this year. Samsung has long offered a compelling range of Android smartwatches, but with Google finally creating a wearable of its own – and one we already know looks fantastic – the South Korean company’s Watch 5 and 5 Pro really need to deliver.

We’re not quite sure if removing the rotating bezel will achieve that goal, but hopefully the 5 Pro will offer something special that separates Samsung from its new rival.

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