The prospect of an Apple Watch Pro excites me and here's why

Alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 we could finally see an extreme sports edition offering some seriously upgraded features

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One of the beauties of the Apple Watch is its modularity. Though essentially one model, the choice of colours, materials and straps provide a wearable that suits a wide range of users. And for those that don't want all the latest features, there's the paired-down Apple Watch SE, plus some older models. 

The strength of this single-product system is also in many ways its weakness. Yes, you could pay a lot more for the titanium or gold edition of the Apple Watch but it still does exactly the same thing. 

That could all potentially change when the Apple Watch Series 8 is launched – most likely in September 2022. According to the latest intel from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple could be readying to launch an extreme sports edition alongside the regular model and a new SE variant. 

This new model – potentially the Apple Watch Pro – is likely to offer more features for extreme sports users, including a larger display, improved tracking and a more robust screen. While these are features not everyone will need, I'm all in. 

Garmin Fenix 7 smartwatch

Garmin Fenix 7, a real extreme smartwatch

(Image credit: Garmin)

The current Apple Watch will cope with some pretty serious use, whether it's swimming, running, cycling or climbing. It has IP6X dust resistance and a crack-resistant crystal display. But it doesn't have the same rugged feel as something like the Garmin Fenix 7X, with its five-week battery life and built-in flashlight. 

If you're buying a watch purely for your sports use, the Apple Watch currently looks a little underprepared. That's why a more extreme, or pro offering, makes so much sense. 

Of course, not everyone buying the Apple Watch Pro will need it for its extreme sporting abilities. Like the iPhone Pro range, it will appeal to those that just want the best product. If it has a larger screen and a longer-lasting battery that could be reason enough too. 

As much as I've got used to charging my Apple Watch each night, the idea of a watch that could go a full week on a single charge would be great. Even for my rather tame outdoor runs, a larger display would be nice too. 

There's lots of other things I'd love to see in the Apple Watch Series 8 – many of which I detailed before the launch of the Series 7 and am still waiting for. Touch ID and a glucose monitor being two of them. But offering a true extreme sports version seems more sensible than just another material or colour. So, right now I'm more excited about the Apple Watch Pro than I am about the iPhone 14

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