Sony PS5 gets $70,000 enlargement

YouTuber ZHC has built the world's biggest playable PS5

Giant PS5
(Image credit: ZHC/YouTube)

We’ve all made the jokes about Sony’s absolutely massive PS5. We’ve talked about needing to extend houses to fit it in, and discussed the floor reinforcements needed to safely own Sony’s flagship console but this is something else. YouTuber and artist ZHC seems to have been having a “hold my beer” moment and has created his own custom PS5 that not only cost $70,000 but is 10 feet tall, weighs 227 Kg and is fully functional and playable with its own giant controller. 

The massive PlayStation was custom-built for ZHC and is scaled up to 100 times larger than a regularly-gigantic PS5. To celebrate this momentous unit of a games console he also set his YouTube artist crew a challenge, a 100 hour race to paint the gigantic device, but with an end goal in mind. ZHC painted one side and his crew the other. 

For ZHC, the stakes were high too, he promised to give away the console if he lost the painting challenge and if his crew won they’d each get their own PS5 to enjoy - something that’s pretty special right now, given how PS5 stock levels aren’t great and getting one seems to involve scalpers. In fact ZHC admits in his video that he had to spend $1000 on each of the consoles he bought for his giveaway. 

Of course one YouTuber vs. five artists is a pretty big challenge when you’re painting a 10-foot-tall console, so there are plenty of challenges here to distract the opposing team while they tried to get their paint done. If you’ve watched Mr Beast videos, you’ll pretty much know what to expect here. 

But there’s a nice bonus too, the charity-minded ZHC also gave away a bunch of PS5s to kids who need a little pick-me-up, including one who was celebrating two years since a bone marrow transplant.

The massive PS5 is one of the better things we’ve seen recently and it’s certainly a distraction from our own sense of sadness at not being able to buy Sony’s next-generation console. Hopefully it will sooth you a little too, and if nothing else the art is fantastic and the video’s a lot of fun. Check it out and find out who won! 

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