This cup won’t spill over…not even if you slap it

Try and knock it over, I dare you

Let's face it, everyone's had a drink at some point and somehow managed to spill it either down themselves or on something valuable. Wave goodbye to those days with the Mighty Mug, the cup that's impossible to spill.

The team at Mighty Mug have created what they call 'SmartGrip Technology' that's used on the bottom of the cup, meaning the mug can still be lifted for normal drinking, but any force on the side of the cup won't prevail in knocking it over so you and your valuables can stay dry.

The cups can be stuck to any flat surface for the technology to work — this really does mean any flat surface as the Mighty Mug can attach itself to walls and you guessed it, it still won't move.

The company have also developed a wide range of cups for every occasion — whether you need a flask to take to work or even a pint glass, there's a Mighty Mug to suit you. You'll certainly turn a few heads and catch a few weird looks when you bring your own glass to the pub, but ask someone to try and knock your beer over and watch the bemused look on their face when they simply can't.

You can grab the Mighty Mug on Amazon.