These swimming trunks stop embarrassing 'shrinkage' in cold water

You know what I'm talking about, fellas

The Urban Dictionary defines 'shrinkage' as "what happens to a man's penis in cold water. Often a result of cold showers, swimming pools, or the ocean. Very embarrassing."

It's a problem Canadian brand 'Swam' have set out to solve, and the result is these rather fetching new swimming trunks. You see, unlike regular trunks, which are lined with the uncomfortable mesh material, Swam trunks are lined with neoprene.

This has several benefits:

1. The first is that it acts like a wetsuit, trapping a warm layer of water between your skin and the fabric. This stops the embarrassing 'shrinkage'.

2. It eliminates the 'suction effect', and stops and potentially unflattering silhouettes...

3. It's more comfortable, allowing for an increased range of movement and flexibility.

I think we can all agree, it's a good idea, right?

We also really like the vintage aesthetic and build... err, stitch quality (Swam trunks are made in Canada with European fabrics - 60% cotton for a luxurious feel and 40% nylon for quick dry).

They're available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and shapes.

In the UK, you can get them exclusively from at the reduced price of £42 (RRP £120).

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Spencer Hart
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