This Apple Vision Pro integration helps long-distance couples get intimate

This upcoming Apple Vision Pro integration is designed to solve long-distance relationship problems

Apple Vision Pro worn by man
(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Vision Pro is set to get an unusual integration from premium sex tech pleasure brand, Lovense. This upcoming integration is designed to help long-distance couples become more intimate while away from each other, by using Lovense sex toys and the Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computing.

The official launch of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is coming up on 2nd February 2024, with pre-orders starting on 19th January for US customers. Blurring VR and AR together with its Eyesight technology, the Apple Vision Pro offers an immersive experience that keeps users connected with those around them.

Now, the Apple Vision Pro will offer a way for couples to stay intimate and sexually interact with one another when they’re away from each other. Sex tech brand Lovense, which is known for its range of the best sex toys and its Lovense Remote app, recently announced its upcoming software integration for the Apple Vision Pro which allows users to control their partners’ Lovense toys with intuitive hand gestures.

In an effort to redefine long-distance intimacy, the Lovense integration is based on the gesture recognition of the Apple Vision Pro. As the headset doesn’t require a control handle, the cameras built into it can fully track user control gestures, which have helped Lovense develop its customised gesture recognition commands.

Lovense Remote app on Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Lovense)

Through using the Lovense Remote app with the Apple Vision Pro, users can generate a real-time unique vibration frequency that controls their partners’ sex toys. If you or your partner have the Nora, Max 2, Calor and other long-distance toys from Lovense, they can be connected to your Apple Vision Pro for your relationship to reach new levels and heights of pleasure and connection.

Currently, the Lovense Remote app can connect to your toys via Bluetooth so you can use touch, sound and motion to play with yourself or your partner from anywhere using your smartphone. With the Apple Vision Pro, ‘Shaking’ or ‘Grab & Shake’ motions are available with this integration.

When talking of the upcoming Lovense and Apple Vision Pro integration, Dan Liu, CEO of Lovense explained that “thanks to spatial computing technology, in conjunction with the dedicated Lovense Remote app, users can fully experience the new mixed reality it brings.”

“This feature further enhances users’ immersion and interactive experiences when using Lovense toys,” explains Liu. “It’s a big step towards transforming how people experience long-distance intimacy, and Lovense will continue to innovate in creating more emotionally connected experiences for couples, regardless of the distance.”

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