Thierry Henry launches the world’s most expandable suitcase with Kabuto

Thierry Henry teams up with Kabuto to launch two new luxury suitcases

Kabuto x Thierry Henry
(Image credit: Kabuto)

Thierry Henry has just co-designed a collection with luxury Parisian luggage brand, Kabuto. The limited edition line includes a black leather carry-on that claims to be the most expandable suitcase in the world and lightweight trunk.

The Thierry Henry x Kabuto collection is limited to 3,000 pieces with prices starting at £495.

Professional football coach and former player, Thierry Henry has just announced a new collaboration with luxury Parisian luggage house, Kabuto. The limited edition Kabuto x Thierry Henry collection features two new smart suitcases, including the world’s most expandable carry-on.

As collaborations go, I was somewhat surprised to hear that sport legend Thierry Henry would be collaborating with a luggage company. But as the Kabuto team explained, Henry has travelled around the world for over 30 years due to his successful career in both sports and fashion, and is now a shareholder and co-designer to the Kabuto brand.

The new Kabuto x Thierry Henry collection is inspired by his personal travels and understanding the demands of a jet-set lifestyle. The two new best suitcases are designed for travellers who need excess space and features that cater to every aspect of their journey, including packing, travelling to your destination and arriving at your accommodation.

Within the limited edition collection are two new luggage options: the Kabuto x Thierry Henry Carry-On and the Kabuto x Thierry Henry Trunk. Starting with the carry-on, Kabuto has dubbed it the most expandable suitcase in the world, offering 50% more volume than your standard carry-on bag.

Kabuto x Thierry Henry

(Image credit: Kabuto)

The Kabuto x Thierry Henry Carry-On is made from stylish black leather, and adapts to all your travel and storage needs with a quick zip and click. The cabin case also has a detachable wallet for valuables and documents, a hidden shoe compartment and multiple USB charging points for charging on the go.

The second luggage option is the Kabuto x Thierry Henry Trunk. For people who travel with clothes that are better stored upright rather than folded away, the Kabuto x Thierry Henry Trunk transforms into a vertical wardrobe, complete with foldable shelves to keep your clothes in perfect ready-to-wear condition. Aside from its clever 100-litre storage compartments, the Kabuto x Thierry Henry Trunk is super lightweight and has attractive leather details.

Both suitcases in the Kabuto x Thierry Henry collection have innovative smart and travel features, including silent wheels, self-repairing zips, a four-level retractable handle and USB ports. For ensured safety, the bags have touch-unlock fingerprint technology, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your code, broken zip or lost keys.

The Kabuto x Thierry Henry collection is available to pre-order now on the Kabuto website and is limited to 3,000 pieces. As expected with such a collaboration, the luxury suitcases aren’t cheap, with the Kabuto x Thierry Henry Carry-On costing £495, and the Kabuto x Thierry Henry Trunk prices at £595.

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