These Emmy nominees are my favourite shows of 2023. Here's how to watch them

The Emmys are going to some of the best shows across all the streaming services. Gotta watch 'em all...

The Last of Us episode 3
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This years Emmy nominations will be delighting the folks at all of the best streaming services: the most nominated shows come from all the big streamers and feature some of the best shows of 2023. Every nomination here is well deserved, but some of them are particularly justified: this has been an absolutely brilliant year for TV.

The most nominated show of all is Succession, with a massive 27 nominations, and you can stream it right now if you have a Sky Atlantic subscription or a Now TV account. Like most of the shows here you can also rent or buy it from various stores such as Amazon, Sky, Apple TV, Microsoft and Google Play too.

The second most nominated show is The Last of Us (pictured), the heart-pounding and often heartbreaking adaptation of the extraordinary video game. This may well be one of the best shows of the year, with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay delivering incredibly nuanced performances as two unlikely allies trying to deal with the end of the world as we know it. 

I have no idea how they’re going to film the second game, which couldn’t be much bleaker if it was just six episodes of people throwing orphans and puppies off a cliff, but I can’t wait to find out. 

Like many shows Season 2 of The Last of Us is currently delayed by the writer’s strike, but you can watch the first season on Sky Atlantic or Now.

The Emmy nominations make for a brilliant must-watch list

With 23 nominations to The Last of Us’s 24, The White Lotus is another Sky/Now smash – and immediately behind there’s Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso. Amazon Prime Video’s The Marvelous Mrs Maisel has 14 nominations.

I’m surprised that Disney+’s kitchen-and-life drama The Bear – season 2 of which starts streaming later this month in the UK – only got 13 nominations, because if it were up to me it’d have eleventy billion. It’s one of my favourite shows of all time, not just of 2023, and if you like the first season the second is going to absolutely destroy you. It’ll also make you fall in love with REM, or back in love if you already were a fan.

The Bear isn’t the only show with a baker’s dozen nominations: Netflx’s Beef and Freevee's Dahmer have 13 too. And with just one fewer nomination there’s Netflix’s Wednesday, a deliciously dark show focusing on the funniest member of the Addams Family.

It’s unclear when the winners will be announced – there’s some debate over whether the ceremony will take place in November or even January, largely because of uncertainty around the writer’s strike. But for the time being the list of most nominated shows makes a great to-watch list: every one here is an absolute gem. 

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