The Bear is back! The must-see show returns on 22 June, but UK viewers need to wait

The whole of The Bear season 2 will be available to stream on 22 June, but UK viewers have to wait till July

The Bear on Disney Plus
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I reckon The Bear was the best show on Disney+ UK in 2022 , so you can imagine how excited I am at its return. Season 2 of The Bear will premiere on Hulu in the US on 22 June; unfortunately UK users will have to wait a little longer, because Disney+ won't be streaming it until 19 July. 

It'll be worth the wait, though. It's quite simply one of the best shows on any streaming service. Not only that, but the already superb cast has some new additions this time out: Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) and Molly Gordon (Animal Kingdom).

Do I want to see this? Yes, chef! Do I want you to see it too? Yes, chef!

Why The Bear is the tastiest TV show you can stream

Writing about Season 1, my colleague Brian Comber said that "Such is the power of the writing, the passion, the performances from the cast and the pace of the direction that the show can be difficult and exhausting to watch. But you will watch it, and in fact, once started it is very difficult to stop." I couldn't agree more. The comedy-drama is often unbearably tense, and I had a couple of good cries during the first season. 

The Bear is about Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), a young chef who returns from the high-stakes world of celebrity restaurateurs to the high-pressure world of his family's beef restaurant. It's an ensemble piece where every single character is well drawn and beautifully acted, and it's gathered stacks of awards.

The ten-episode Season 2 isn't giving much away just yet, so we don't know who Bob Odenkirk will be playing or what role Molly Gordon will have in the show. But according to show producer FX, Season two is about transformation: transforming The Bear into a premium restaurant, and the crew's own personal journeys. That sounds awful, I know, but that's PR bumph for you; from the limited information FX is giving us it does sound like the characters are going to be under even more pressure than before, so I fully expect to watch most of it from behind my fingers.

The Bear streams on Hulu from 22 June and on Disney+ UK from 19 July.

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