Therabody expands into skincare with new LED face mask

Wellness and fitness brand, Therabody launches new LED mask as part of beauty range

TheraFace Mask launch
(Image credit: Therabody)

Therabody continues to expand into skincare with the launch of its all-new TheraFace Mask. Designed to improve the skin’s appearance, the TheraFace Mask uses LED light therapy to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and spots for healthier looking skin.

For those new to Therabody, it’s a leading fitness and wellness brand that specialises in recovery products and massagers. Alongside its range of best massagers and the best massage guns, Therabody has begun to develop its own beauty products and innovations using LED technology.

After the success of its TheraFace PRO facial massager (review coming soon!), Therabody has since announced its new business division, Therabody Beauty. Within the beauty line, Therabody has just launched its second and newest product, the TheraFace Mask.

The TheraFace Mask is an LED light therapy mask that’s been FDA cleared and clinically proven to reduce signs of ageing and breakouts. The mask has 648 Red, Red + Infrared and Blue LED lights that provide full-face coverage and added vibration therapy for ultimate relaxation.

According to founder and Chief Wellness Office or Therabody, Dr Jason Wersland, “I wanted to use LED therapy from the time we developed our first Theragun. LED can help heal and repair tissue, which is why we were exploring LED in the first place.” With this in mind, the Therabody Science team partnered with Media Lab Science on a 12-week clinical study to see the effectiveness of the TheraFace Mask’s technology and how it measures up to the competition.

TheraFace Mask

(Image credit: Therabody)

The study looked at 31 participants between the ages of 39 to 64 and asked them to use the TheraFace Mask’s pre-programmed treatment once a day for six days each week. After the 12 weeks, the study found that participants had an improved appearance with less fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, brighter and smoother textures and healthier-looking skin.

Similar to the best LED face masks, the TheraFace Mask fits over the face and has a hands-free design with straps, so you can carry out the quick treatments while multi-tasking or relaxing around the house. Its nine minute programmes work through the different coloured light therapies to deliver the best results in a minimal time frame.

Alongside the light technology, the TheraFace Mask also has a vibration-only treatment that runs for 15 minutes and is designed to massage the face for added relaxation and to reduce stress. I always think that face masks have a Hannibal Lecter-esque vibe but the TheraFace Mask has a simple understated design and its removable eye shields give extra protection to the eye area from the bright lights.

I’ve been trying out the TheraFace PRO for the past few weeks and having been completely new to this form of skincare, I was initially hesitant. However, after using it multiple times a week for over a month, I’ve noticed a significant difference in how bright and firm my skin is. As the TheraFace PRO is a skincare and massaging tool which you need to manually run up and down your face, I’m excited to try out the TheraFace Mask and sit back and relax while it does it’s work.

If you’re trying to achieve ‘perfect skin’, the TheraFace Mask is a new product that many people are sure to love. The TheraFace Mask is now available for £549 at Therabody.

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