The world's strongest water pistol is heavy artillery for H2O

Spyra's latest overpowered water pistol is a serious soaker with a price tag to match

SpyraThree water gun
(Image credit: Spyra)

If you're looking for the most powerful weapon from the best water guns for adults, we'd say it's the SpyraTwo – or at least, we would until today. That's because there's a new Spyra soaker in town, the daringly named SpyraThree. And it's even sillier.

The SpyraThree has the same range of 10 to 15m (50 feet) and USB C-recharging electronic firing system as before, and it also retains the excellent and very fast self-refilling system that means you can get back to blasting in a couple of seconds. You can expect to refill your tank about 100 times between charges, and each tank holds enough for 22 blasts of water of 30ml each. 

So what do you get for the extra £5 the SpyraThree costs over the SpyraTwo?

What's new in the SpyraThree soaker?

Where the SpyraTwo has two shooting modes, the SpyraThree has three: in addition to the familiar League Mode, which limits you to a certain number of shots before enforced reloading, there's a new open mode that means you can shoot as many times as you want as well as a new burst mode that fires three shots simultaneously. That'll empty your water tank in no time, but that's why the auto-refill is there.

As with the SpyraTwo there's a choice of red or blue models, and you can buy them singly or in dual packs for instant tournaments: a single SpyraThree is £149 and a dual – or rather, Duel – pack is £280. 

It's a ridiculous amount of money for a water pistol, of course – at this price I feel like there should be some sort of guaranteed sunshine with every purchase – but then this isn't really designed for the occasional afternoon chasing the kids around the garden; the SpyraThree is for more competitive water battles between friends or older family members. And for that, it looks like it's going to be tons of fun. 

Carrie Marshall

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