The top 4 PS5 deals at Best Buy

PS5 stocks are low everywhere but Best Buy has some great deals on PS5, accessories like PS VR, and more

Sony PS5 Black Friday deals Best Buy 2020
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The annual sales extravaganza that is Black Friday 2020 has arrived and retailers across the world are knocking money off the latest and greatest everything. The PS5 is probably the most in-demand gizmo this Christmas and as such stocks are low but there are still some great deals to be had on accessories.

With a lot more power than even the PS4 Pro, the PS5 represents a shift in how good consoles can be. Any game runs completely smoothly and the PS5 has the capacity to shift up to 8K graphics on the right games and monitor. It's an absolute beast and a great addition to any gamer's life. 

As we said, PS5 stocks are very low everywhere due to unprecedented issues with production thanks to the global pandemic but there are still some goodies you can preemptively buy to make your console that much better.

Let's jump into the best Black Friday Best Buy deals...

PlayStation VR Iron Man Bundle | $3, 49.99 from Best Buy

PlayStation VR Iron Man Bundle | $3, 49.99 from Best Buy
Sony's PS VR is the best way to get truly immersed in games and what better than Iron Man? The bundle comes with the headset, two controllers, Iron Man, and the VR camera. 

Samsung Q80T 55" 4K Smart TV | $1,300

Samsung Q80T 55" 4K Smart TV | $1,300 $1,050 from Best Buy
Before you get into VR, you're going to need a big, ideally 4K TV and Samsung has stepped up with a great deal on the Q80T QLED TV, a perfect accompaniment for long evening gaming sessions. It's also smart, meaning easy access to Netflix and the rest.

Sony PS5 HD Camera | $59.99 from Best Buy

Sony PS5 HD Camera | $59.99 from Best Buy
If you want to chat to friends or stream on Twitch, you'll need this: Sony's dedicated PS5 HD Camera, a webcam that sits atop your TV and works effortlessly with the PS5. A must have that you might miss.

Seagate 4TB Hard Drive | $125

Seagate 4TB Hard Drive | $125 $105 from Best Buy
Because the PS5 supports PS4 games, you're likely going to need a lot of space and Seagate's Sony-approved 4TB external hard drive is a very good place to start, offering 4x the PS5's storage for cheap.

So, while PS5 stocks are very low, now is the perfect opportunity to bag a bargain and get the PS5 accessories that will make the experience even better, if that's possible. Don't miss out!


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