The special edition "Milky Way" GM-2100 is the best-looking G-Shock you may never be able to buy

Launched in China, the Milky Way Galaxy edition G-Shock watch is a stunner

G-Shock GM-2100 Milky Way
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has been on a roll of late, with a swathe of special edition and ultra-designed G-Shock watches released in the UK and US. The new Mudmaster watches are particularly stunning, for example.

However, we've just seen a new G-Shock that certainly has the "wow" factor, but isn't destined for release in either region. In fact, it may never make it out of China.

There's a Milky Way Galaxy Edition G-Shock GM-2100 (via HypeBeast) that takes the classic octagonal case design and ramps it up a notch or two. It has been designed in collaboration with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and, we have to say, bats the recently released G-Shock DW6900 NASA collab into orbit.

For starters, its based on the GM-2100 shape, which is a perennial favourite. And its metallic purple casing is a real show-stopper, with its Milky Way-style waves and swirls.

The effect has been created by adding a purple ion plated (IP) coating to the case and using laser engraving for the pattern.

The strap is black to represent the "infinite space of the universe", while the dial has the shape of the Milky Way across the face.

Even the rear of the watch has been treated to give it a space-like feel, with an all-black IP coating and engraved repeat of the Milky Way pattern.

As with all other 2100 models, this has both analogue and digital elements. There's the trademark shock and waterproofing (down to 200 metres), while the strap is made from resin. Its face is protected by mineral glass.

The battery is swappable and can last for up to three years.

There are no smart features on the GM-2100, although it offers 32 different time zones, a stopwatch, countdown timer, and a flashlight functionality with dual LED lighting.

The G-Shock GM-2100MWG-1A "Milky Way Edition" is currently listed as being sold out on the Chinese G-Shock homepage, and there's no sign of it being released anywhere else in the world. If you do manage to place an order though, it costs 1,990 yuan (around $272 / £222).

Let's hope we see something similar come our way soon, even if it's just the colourway.

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