The Samsung Galaxy S23 preorder brings cheap Samsung Galaxy S22 deals with it

Get ready for some of the best Samsung Galaxy S22 deals ever

Samsung Galaxy S22 deals
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If you haven't heard the news, Samsung's upcoming event – the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 conference – is just weeks away and there's word about that the least phone in the Galaxy line is going to be revealed.

The new Samsung Galaxy S23, which has been leaked with a launch date of early Frebruary, is set to make waves for the brand with a bevvy of upgrades and innovations to one of the best phones on the market.

How to preorder the Samsung Galaxy S23 right now

And even better news? If you're not quite ready to shell out the cash for the latest entry in Samsung's line of smartphones, you'll have a chance to grab the Samsung Galaxy S22 at it's best price since launch.

Most models, including the ever popular Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, will see price cuts as soon as the new S23 models are revealed. This is good new for fans of the brand looking to get an upgrade from an older phone, or those looking to give the Samsung Galaxy line a try.

Of course, you can technically find cheap Samsung Galaxy S22 deals already but as with every year, once the latest model gets revealed most retailers go deep on the discounts. While we don't have the official deals these retailer will be offering right now, expect some excellent trade-in deals, BOGO offers, and even straight price cuts.

You can check out some of the best Samsung Galaxy S22 deals today below, but keep an eye out in the coming weeks for additional details around new offers once the S23 sees the light of day.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Deals at Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S22 Deals at Verizon

Verizon already has some excellent deals on the Galaxy S22, including a massive trade-in offer. If you're cool with getting last years model, here's exactly what you can expect from Verizon:

- Up to $1,000 trade-in credits towards the S22+

- Free Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with new lines

- Get a Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G for less than $6/month

Samsung Galaxy S22 Deals at AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S22 Deals at AT&T

AT&T has a great offer going on the Samsung Galaxy S22, giving new users the opportunity to get one free with qualified trade-ins.

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