The pink Pixel 9 leaks again in new hands-on video – this time switched on

Another video leak shows the Pixel 9 in all its pink-hued glory

Pink Pixel 9 leak
(Image credit: Reparation_mobile23)
Quick Summary

The Pixel 9 appears to have leaked again, and once more the model that's leaked is the cheerful-looking pink version.

This time the video shows the phone switched on and unlocked, demonstrating that it's not a dummy unit.

As we reported yesterday, a new video posted to social media appears to show the pink version of the forthcoming Pixel 9 phone. And now a new video from a different leaker shows the same phone from more angles – and this time the phone is switched on, demonstrating that it isn't a model or a production dummy.

This time the video is on TikTok (with a hat tip to 9to5google for the spot) and it's much better quality than yesterday's leak.

The video shows the pink phone from the front, back and sides and clearly shows its glass back, its large camera bump and what appear to be very similar bezels to the current Pixel 9. The software appears to be normal Android but it's unclear whether it's Android 14 or 15.


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Why we're thinking pink for the Pixel 9

Like some of the video's commenters, we're really liking the pink colour – believed to be called Peony: in this video it appears to be a vibrant, cheerful shade that's a welcome contrast to the more sober Pixel colours we've seen.

The Pixel 9 reportedly has 12GB of RAM, storage options beginning at 128GB, a 6.24-inch display and two cameras with 50MP sensors. The redesigned camera bump looks very different from the strip that runs across the back of current Pixels: Google has made it deliberately striking rather than attempting to disguise its bulk.

It's not apparent from the leaks so far but the Pixel 9 is believed to be getting a much brighter OLED display using the same display tech that's destined for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. It's based on Samsung's latest OLED materials and with an expected Pixel 8 launch date of August that means Google will beat Apple to the punch.

We're expecting to see three new Pixel phones next month: the Pixel 9, the Pixel 9 Pro and the Pixel 9 Pro XL. A new version of the Pixel Fold is also due soon, although so far it's unclear whether that will launch at the same time or if it'll come along later.

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