The North Face's latest NSE drop celebrates the rebel sounds of quiet acts of originality

The North Face’s first NSE drop of the season is inspired by the all-night hedonism of the early 2000s

The North Face x Kam-BU NSE collection
(Image credit: The North Face)

It's a new season, which can only mean one thing: a new The North Face NSE drop is incoming! The latest apparel collection was created in collaboration with London artist Kam-BU and is inspired by the all-night hedonism of the early 2000s. "Exploration takes many forms," says The North Face, "for this iteration, we are celebrating the rebel sounds of quiet acts of originality."

Further redefining the aesthetic of exploratory fashion, NSE Drop 1 redefines what is already one of The North Face's most sought-after capsules using punchy new colourways emblazoned onto iconic pieces combined with the laser-sharp tongue of artist and climate activist Kam-BU.

The campaign is accompanied by Kam-BU's new single "Live-O" – a "harmonious demonstration of the endless possibilities within the art of exploration." "Live-O" marries the two aspects of his identity – being an artist who's also a keen climate activist – together, creating a rave-ready anthem about the reigniting of adventure through the power of music, an ode to 'free party' culture and forest raves.

Staple pieces from the collection include the Men's Dryvent Carduelis Jacket, the Women's Seasonal Denali, and two new iterations of the VECTIV Taraval (all retailer links), bringing a sense of subtle disruption to your wardrobe. Where two art worlds meet, brings an empowering, rebellious collection that encourages you to be you – and only you. 

The first 30 XPLR Pass members to shop the drop will receive a special NSE-edition vinyl of "Live-O", the new hit single from Kam-BU. Each record is made from recycled and biodegradable plastic and customisable with a set of collectable stickers to create your own memorabilia. NSE Drop 1 is available to purchase from 2 March 2023 at The North Face and in select stores. Learn more about previous The North Face NSE drops here and here

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