The North Face's NSE Collection combines utilitarian style with experimental designs

The new collection pays homage to the past while embracing the future

The North Face launches NSE Collection
(Image credit: The North Face)

It's hard to deny we live in the age of 'gorpcore', an era where utilitarian outwear is as cool as athleisure, if not cooler. Good news for outdoor companies, such as The North Face, which fully indulges itself in producing fabulous style-forward collections like the NSE, its latest drop created in collaboration with snowboarder David Djité and musician Hindaco.

There is little not to love about The North Face NSE Collection. Listen to this description from The North Face: "NSE pays homage to the past while embracing the future by embroidering utilitarian and functional pieces with experimental designs to create a dynamic sense of individuality and expression; a world defined by you." Probably the best thing about that sentence is that it could be about anything – cars, gaming monitors or Swiss army knives – yet it arouses the sense and makes you want to know more.

The North Face launches NSE Collection

Left: Avatar of Hindaco walking in a futuristic auto-space, Right: Avatar of David Djité casually strolling in among floating rocks in space

(Image credit: The North Face)

The first drop in the NSE collection is inspired by performance-ready pieces to "help open the eyes of the beholder and the suitor to the endless possibilities of the reality you want to create – creating a new era of exploration", The Nort Face says. Combining the power of simplicity and practicality with meticulous designs and both subtle and vivid colourways, NSE is "setting the blueprint for exploration from the streets to the stars (and everything in between)."

The city-ready apparel assemblage includes bold revamps of some of The North Face’s most popular items, such as the VECTIV Taraval hiking shoe, the Hot Shot Backpack, and the women’s Gartha Body Suit. The NSE collection is available to purchase from 29 September 2022 directly from The North Face US, The North Face UK, The North Face AU and in select The North Face stores.

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