The iPhone 15 Plus is real, and this is what it looks like

New renders show Apple's biggest non-Pro iPhone 15 in all its glory

iPhone 15 Plus render
(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

The iPhone 15 Plus is set for some big improvements over the current model, the iPhone 14 Plus – and now you can see what some of those improvements look like. The bigger-screened version of Apple's standard iPhone 15 will have a lot in common with the iPhone 14 Pro, and that means some welcome new additions.

The picture above is by 9to5Mac's resident 3D graphics expert Ian Zelda, who has created a series of renders based on leaked CAD models of the forthcoming device. As you can see, the resemblance to the iPhone 14 Pro is very strong indeed.

The iPhone 15 Plus is big and clever

CAD models are given to key Apple partners so that they can make accessories such as screen protectors and protective cases, so while they don't tell you what's inside the iPhone you can learn a lot by looking at the exterior. And that's the case here, because you can clearly see a different cut-out at the top of the screen. That's almost certainly the Dynamic Island that's only currently available in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

On the bottom of the device there's the much-rumoured USB port (which may deliver slower data transfers than in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra), and while the shape is almost identical the 15 Plus has very slightly different dimensions to the 14 – not enough to be visually significant, but it does mean you can't use an iPhone 14 Plus case due to the slightly taller design and slightly thicker camera bump.

We're expecting Apple to do the same in 2023 as it did with the 2022 iPhones: there'll be a clear difference in specification between the standard and Plus iPhones and the more expensive Pro and Pro Max / Ultra models. The more premium versions will get the latest processors, possibly with more RAM, and better cameras. A periscope zoom lens has been predicted for some time, and may well appear in the Pro Max this year.

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